To wear a mask


(Ron) #81

I am now hearing that research is showing that once you recover from covin 19 you are “not” immune and can catch the virus again. Similar to the flu. This could all happen again. Research is also suggesting that sunlight seems to be a major killer of the virus and this could be why Cali is doing better than some.

(Susan) #82

@Bubby1 (Aimee) on our forum lives in Australia and she has it and is very ill with it- and has had it for a few weeks now. Australia is very hot and she got it --because she works at a Supemarket.

So maybe sunlight is a factor for reducing, but obviously you can still get it in the hot places too.

That is very scary that you can get it again, though, I did not know that.

I went shopping on Friday night (not into Walmart or Costco as the lineups for both were over an hour long so I won’t be going to either until they are shorter). I went to 3 other stores that still had lineups but I didn’t have to wait that long at all in any of those 3.

I wore a mask that I made myself (not very creative or great looking at all, but it worked and I wore plastic gloves too, so I felt a bit more protected still. I have ordered masks online but they haven’t come yet.