Tmi nsv

(Marie ) #1

I’ve been LCHF for about eight years now - consiously keto for three weeks. When I really went all in keto wise, I had the most amazing NSV so far…

Never having been regular (you know, guts wise), imagine my surprise and delight at discovering how effortless, quick and predictable this diet can make the whole business of going to the loo! I could set my watch to it now. And am so pleased not having to feel poisoned for days for not eliminating the waste in time.

Oh, and just to check - anyone else use the magic that is a proper toilet sitting position?

(Danielle) #2

We use the Squatty Potty in my house! It is a much-loved bathroom accessory!

(Scott Shillady) #3

Unicorn Poop

one of the greatest advertisements ever

(Marie ) #4

Hilarious! Imagine being that guy. I’d love to get that acting job.