Tips or suggestions for Keto on a Carnival Cruise?

(James van Kessel) #1

I have a Carnival Cruise coming up soon and was thinking ahead about how to minimize deviation from a ketogenic WOE while I’m there. I realized I’m probably not the only one who has or will take a cruise in this group, so let 'er rip: best ideas for keeping it relaxed but not coming home with a massive Carb-Flu. I’ll get started by saying, the one thing I’m counting on from the last carnival Cruise I was on (before I went keto this past August) was smoked salmon at breakfast and cheese selections at lunch and dinner are a few things that will be easy, quick nibbles. Has anyone tried to get a BPC from their baristas? How about formal meal side dish substitution?

(Larry Lustig) #2

Probably easier to do your cruising on the Carnivore Cruise line.

(Tom Seest) #3

There is plenty of Keto friendly options on a Carnival cruise. Cruising is really easy while Keto.

You can ask for Butter in your coffee with no problem. I just had them bring butter pats, but I’m sure the Baristas can make it for you too.

You can also get cream cheese easily off the buffet in the morning, so you can grab extra and store it in your stateroom fridge, if you like Cream Cheese.

I always lose weight while cruising. Plenty of good meats to choose from.

But, you are an adult. If you want to go to the dark side, that’s your choice too. Depending on how long you’ve been at it, that’ll tell you how long it takes to bounce back. The longer you’ve been Keto, the easier it is to get back in.

Overall, enjoy it. Relax and enjoy.

(Mark) #4

Omelettes are pretty good,they will probably have an omolette station,broccoli and green beans with butter are good side dishes,smuggle a few avocados in your suitcase they travel well and are a good snack with salt and pepper but they should have some Avocado on board, I like the salmon Lox with breakfast as well,wrap it around some cream cheese and top with Avocado, healthy fat bomb

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #5

It was pretty easy. I managed last Christmas / NY

Just find the deli or the BBQ / burger place. Salad it up and add protein.

Then my wife surprised me with dinner with the Chef (Chefs table) needless to say that night wasn’t too keto lol

(Michael Iafrato ) #6

Have your travel agent let the cruise line know your dietary requirements


I just went on a Carnival Cruise in August 2016 and was often the first in line at the omelette bar in the morning and added butter to my coffee as others have mentioned.

I’ve been doing keto for a while, and there were always plenty of low-carb, high-fat options available at every meal, but I did need to get creative on the combinations several times.

(Jeff Ryan) #8

Someone should create a topic of easy yummy easy keto combination. I recently poured coconut oil on my broccoli and from hating eating the Brock to loving it from that simple combo.


iirc the Carnival Cruise I did one of the dessert selections was a cheese platter. It was awesome, I usually asked for 2. That was before keto though.

Yea, I love cheese!