Tingling in Calves, Feet, and Hands


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(Michelle Hecht) #22

I was so relieved to read your post. It was like I had written it myself. I have looked all over the internet for answers and this is the first time I came across something that described what I was feeling. Yes, tingling/prickling in all four extremities with some aching in calves. And this started at exactly two months in. It has been persistent for 5 days now. Scaring me to death. I made the doctor run a battery of tests. My potassium is fine, magnesium on the high side of fine, B12 fine. My D is low. No B1 results yet. So that eliminates it being caused by a vitamin deficiency that I’ve noted as fine. Maybe B1? I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, I started drinking Apple cider vinegar before each meal because I saw that somewhere as a possible cure. I have had a dull headache as well. It started when the prickling did. I don’t want to quite keto if this is just a normal hump I need to get over, but it is uncomfortable and scary.

(charlie3) #23

A few weeks after starting into keto I started feeling light headed. Some months later tingling in both hands and feet started. All of that persists to this day, pretty steady and unchanging. I went for a checkup 10 days ago, got some blood tests and detailed the symptoms. What the blood tests appears to show is I’m borderline anemic. We’ll be addressing that next Teusday. I’ve kept detailed records in Chronometer and went to extra trouble so that even the micro nutirents are well documented. I do not see good evidence of any nutrient deficiency but that doesn’t rule it out. It might be that I had a propensity before keto that was magnified with the diet change. May be it’s electrolytes but would that promote anemia? I train a lot. If I fix this there will be a way bigger spring in my step. Stay tuned.


Your low Vitamin D could very well be a major contributing factor. This was one of my major symptoms that went ignored by doctors until my mom tested low and I thought just in case it was hereditary I would get mine checked - doc said it was the lowest Vit D level he had ever seen in over 30 yrs in his practice. I can tell now when my level is dipping, I get serious restless leg sensations and my arms/legs feel half asleep, tingly and other weird sensations like an ant is crawling on my skin.

(Stephanie Chui) #25

I’ve only started keto a week ago and exactly today I decided to extend my usual fasting of 16-20 hours to 24 hours not considering how low my caloric intake yesterday was. 2 hours before I reached my 24-hour mark, I started to feel my thighs weakening followed by tingling in my head. The symptoms went away after I ate however I started to feel some tingling sensation on hands and feet. Ignored it thinking it will go away, but it didnt so I googled it and led me here. I took all the supplements in our pantry, hope it works.

(Melissa) #26

Charlie3, I’m having similar issues and it’s really starting to get me down. What did you find out? Did anything else with the tingling?

(Edith) #27

I think anemia can be caused by deficiency of different B vitamins , particularly B6 and folate.

(charlie3) #28

I do not yet have an answer. It became apparent that the doc I consulted was not going to offer a diagnosis or even a range of possibilities, even if he could. He wants to perscribe pills then duck out of the room without answering any questions. I’ve asked direct questions which he ingores. I’m looking for another guy.

(Melissa) #29

I go to the dr Monday and hoping they will find a solution. My tingling is constant and really starting to take a toll on my physical activities.

(Melissa) #30

VirginiaEdie, I looked at what I was eating and in my MultiVitamin, there are plenty of B vitamins. I honestly didn’t remove anything from my diet that was good, so I don’t really understand. Sigh.

(Edith) #31

Have you tried going off keto to see if the tingling goes away?

(Melissa) #32

I’ve thought about it, but haven’t tried it. I really do like how I felt (before this week) and have seen results. I honestly gave up junk food, coke and bread and chips. Everything else is the same really.

(Edith) #33

How long have you been following a keto diet. If it’s a relatively short period of time, I would definitely look into electrolyte trouble.

I need to supplement an extra 1.5 teaspoons of salt, 3/8!teaspoon of No Salt (for potassium), and 600 mg of Magnesium every day.

For me, lack of salt manifests itself with muscle cramps and heart palpitations , the magnesium with heart palpitations, and lack of potassium with an increase in my resting pulse rate over time.

This article mentions the symptoms of potassium deficiency. Tingling of the hands and feet is on the list.

I do believe keto makes getting enough potassium challenging.

(charlie3) #34

My hunch is tingling in extremeties can be a symptom of a bunch of different things. Perhaps some important, many others, may be not. It seems to come up often enough with keto there must be some relationship. I’ve been living with it for a year. It isn’t progressing as far as I can tell. I would like to know the mechanism.

After a year of tinkering I get 100% of the rda’s, or significantly more, from real food only. It was surprisingly hard to get there, easy to stay there. The exceptions are magniseum and Vit D and I bet that those are close enough to the RDA they don’t matter. (I do suppliment a couple hundred mg of magnesium.) I also suppliment with creatine because it’s so cheap, because I have a kilo of it, and because it might help my 3-times-a-week lifting. I also do plenty of walking and cardio. The goal is to be as fit as possible with no health compromises. And the male ego part of me would like 25 pounds more muscle than if I were sedentary. I think I’ve got about ten of them so far.

(Gloria) #35

It’s so relieving to read this, my partner has been experiencing tingling in his calves/legs consistently for about 5 days and also heat on his arms, legs, chest. He is freaking out and freaking me out too!!. Maybe he needs to get some bloods done to see if there is a deficiency?? Has anyone else experienced the heat as well?? He is talking multivitamins and nutritional yeast in tablet form (not the full dosage though, he only takes 4 tablets a day, pack recommends 3 tablets 3 times a day). Would like to know whether anyone has had improved symptoms. Thanks :blush::pray:

(Arlene) #36

I don’t get heat issues in arms, legs, and chest. I have had plenty of tingling “buzzing” feelings in my feet and legs, as well as ringing in my ears. For a long time I was freaking out, thinking there was something very wrong with me, and doctors couldn’t resolve this either. Eventually I stumbled upon the cause and solution. Electrolyte imbalance. Now when my legs start tingling and/or my ears start ringing I just drink a teaspoon of “fasting drops” from a company called Keto Chow, which I heard about from Megan Ramos several months ago. Up till then I was trying all kinds of keto electrolyte supplements and many brands/types of magnesium with no success, as well as severe muscle cramps in the night. Started taking these “fasting drops” several times a day, and all my electrolyte problems have been solved. It’s been such a total lifesaver to me. Prior to that I was struggling with severe muscle cramps for several years. I hope this helps you and anyone else who has not been able to resolve their muscle issues.

(Judi Maleno) #37

Has anyone else tried these fasting drops? What are they composed of? I’m getting tingling feet and hands that gets worse during a workout.

(Susan) #38

Welcome to the forum; Judi.

You need to increase your Electrolytes/salt intakes, and these should go away. You don’t need to buy any drops.

I eat Pink himalyan salt directly (2-3 teaspoons a day when eaeting, and more when fasting). Then drink a bunch of water right afterwards. Many people add it to their water, but I find eating it easier for me, as I don’t like the taste of it in water.