Time to pony up and put your money where your mouth is

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In episode #145, @carl asks that we financially chip in and give the dudes a hand with all the hard work they do. I’m happy to help them along. They’re doing life-saving work and they do so at their own expense.

Sure I look rich, but my academic income affords me little. I’m a frugal SOB, My CFO and CLC (chief lifestyle consultant) grills me on every expense I make. We quibble over my $3.59 Kwik-Stop purchase from two weeks ago. Despite such spend-thriftery, I’m happy to help the Dudes with the lifting. I’m also happy to ring the bell by the kettle to help drive some income their way.

Patreon makes this easy. Visit their page there: https://www.patreon.com/2ketodudes/overview Let’s light up the forum posts with those nifty patreon badges. Post your questions or difficulties you experience doing so here. Also, are there other ways of helping the dudes out? Share that here, too.

All the cool kids are doing it.

(Regina) #2

Done! These forums are well worth it.

(Caryl) #3

Thanks for the prompt :slight_smile:

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That’s me out, then…

I replied to Carl a few months ago in another thread where he mentioned Paypal and I asked if it was still operational, but got no response. I would do that, but I’m not a Patreon fan so I want to avoid it.


I’d be happier making a single, annual payment via Paypal too

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Paging @carl and @richard

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #7

twiddles thumbs

(Bob M) #8

From a contributor’s (artist’s?) perspective, I can see where patreon is beneficial. But from my perspective, I already pay so many things on a monthly basis (my phone+cable/internet bills alone are over $300/month) that it would be easier for me to pay when I could. Especially since my income depends on what I bill out and varies wildly month by month.

I also rue that information for low carb seems to be going more toward a paid model, where only the rich can afford to get it. Zoe Harcombe, for instance, now limits her information to those who pay her. Wheat Belly has similarly gone to a paid model if you want the most info. I can see why they do this, but the people who need low carb the most are often the poor. (This is why many epidemiological studies are often just contrasts between the poor and rich, as the rich can afford to eat “healthy” while the poor cannot.)

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #9

Sure, but people still have to be paid, or they’ll be unable to do the research and produce the information/results.

But ti doesn’t look like anyone is going to tell us anything here.

(Bob Johnson) #10

Life often gets in the way of these things. Give them a few days :cowboy_hat_face:

(Terence Dean) #11

Yeah I’m not a big fan of facebook transactions but I’d certainly make a contribution via paypal if the ketodudes could organize it.

(Susan) #12

This thread prompted me to Patreon, something I’ve been considering for months and just needed the nudge. Patreon does have a PayPal option. I suppose if one wanted a ‘one time’ donation option, they could sign up and then after a month just cancel?

The Dudes have changed my life. And I sense an obligation to pay it forward as I recommend this site and their podcast to Every Person that asks me how I’m losing the weight.

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(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #14

Hey @carl and @richard, we know you’re busy, but you’re leaving money on the table here!

I was unaware you can make payments through FB. I’m certain if I could, I wouldn’t.

(Terence Dean) #15

Thanks for that Susan, lazy me didn’t bother to check that you can indeed make payments with Paypal or with any credit card. There’s also an option to make a custom pledge if you’d prefer to make a contribution to suit. These guys deserve to be supported for the good they do for the community.


Or be offered a simpler & more honest option. I’d be very uncomfortable pledging a certain amount each month only to renege shortly thereafter.

(Claudia) #17

thanks for the buttkick… I was thinking about it for months, now I finally took the time to do it… (since fasting woke me way too early anyways) XD

Now how exactly do I come by the badge? XD EDIT: Nevermind, here it is :heart_eyes:

(Terence Dean) #19

@MRC Marion, if you create a Patreon account you can use your credit card or if you have a Paypal account you can pay via their system but if we chose for example to select the $5 a month pledge that would mean your credit card would be debited approx $6.93 a month depending on the current exchange rate. That is all handled behind the scenes and you don’t need to set up a US bank account, you should see a deduction in your account for the equivalent in Australian dollars of USD $5, every month.

What I would like to see, as a suggestion, would be the ability for people to make one off contributions as well as the option of committing to monthly automatic payments.

(Susan) #20

Admitted, not the best option. Patreon does have a One Time option! @tdean found it I think!

These two dudes & the community they have created is amazing and being a community does come with responsibilities as well as benefits. So help a dude out :slight_smile:

Where there is a will, there’s a way.

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #21

They don’t, really. It’s against their “community” something something. They have the same suggestion as earlier - make a payment then immediately cancel. As Safi said, this is a poor solution, really (even if you ignore that it’s still Patreon).

If there was a proper Paypal (or similar) way to donate, I’d do it.