Time restricted feeding and Ketones?

(Domonic) #1

I had a strange experience with my Keto diet and I’m wondering if anyone can put some logic to it.
I’ve been getting consistent readings of ketones on my test strips and haven’t changed my diet at all (the ketogenic diet). In the mornings, after breakfast, I normally have a cup or two of coffee.

This morning I got up, and had a cup of coffee and didn’t eat. I wanted to fast for a short period of time before I started eating again. I started eating at 4pm.

At about 1pm I took another test for my ketones and there were Zero. I again did it at 3pm and again there were zero. I’m yet to test myself after eating, but I’m wondering why I don’t seem to have any ketones? Could my body have used it up because I’m also fasting?

It will be interesting to see the result in an hour after eating.
Any clues why this happened?

(Allie) #2

Pee strips? Useless measure.
They show what your body is wasting, that’s it, now what’s being used as fuel and that is the most important thing.

(Domonic) #3

ok, point taken, but is it normal for someone who is in a fasting state and not eating in the middle of a keto diet to show now ketones?
Has anyone had this?
That’s what I’m asking?

(Bob M) #4

No, that wouldn’t be normal. But those are influenced by how much you drink, among many other factors. If you tested your blood ketones, you should get a value greater than zero.

(Allie) #5

No it wouldn’t be normal, but you cannot take pee strip measurements as accurate or even as a rough guide as they really are useless. If you are serious about testing then it needs to be blood or a decent breath meter, but there’s no need for either as your body and how you feel are the best way of measuring.

(Bob M) #6

Maybe if you’re new to ketosis, as this person is. For those of us in ketosis for a long time, however, we don’t ever know whether we are or are not in ketosis. Or at least I don’t. For instance, I can go on vacation, eat some high carb meals/desserts, come back, go keto or even fast > 24 hours, and I don’t feel any difference. Nor do I get any indicia, like bad breath, etc.

(Joey) #7

Greetings @dominover!

With all due respect, I’m not sure the point was taken.

Again, are you using pee sticks? If so, the fact that you are not pee’ing away ketones is a good thing. Well done. :slight_smile:

Has anyone had this? Yes.

It’s what happens when a well-adapted body is releasing a level of serum ketones to roughly match that is consumed - not an excess amount to be wasted in the urine stream.

May I ask… Are you hungry? Are you fatigued? Are you head-achy?

If you’re not eating yet you’re not experiencing any of these things, you are producing enough ketones from internal sources to fuel your body. Why do you want more than this to pee away?

Congratulations! :vulcan_salute:


I felt some minuscule thing (so I couldn’t be sure) the first time I deliberately went into ketosis. Never again. I can’t tell if I am in ketosis as I feel exactly the same as long as other factors are similar and I don’t eat very, very wrong…

But if the carbs are low, I know I must be in ketosis as I did get fat adapted without problems so I know I have no sensitivity demanding something more special.

I know pee sticks aren’t reliable though :slight_smile: I never could get any anywhere so I never used them.