TIL I use food as an excuse to procrastinate


(Phillip Brandvold) #1

Or rather, I use cooking and eating as an excuse. I used to get home from work and put on Netflix while I cooked, then Netflix while I ate, then Netflix while I did dishes. Now I find myself wanting to eat simply because I’m done with work. On top of that, I realize that I used the other things whilst Netflixing as an excuse to not do anything more intellectually challenging or otherwise more productive. I mean, I have to eat, which means I have to cook and clean too right? If it takes a bit longer because I’m unwinding with some TV, no worries. Right?

Well 24 hours into an extended fast and I find myself thinking constantly about food mostly because I want to do mindless activities. Association is crazy. I’ve had hunger today, but not real hunger - the breaking of habits mentally has been so much harder. I’m being forced to actually see how much I avoid doing.

It’s been an introspective day, I guess, is what I’m saying in this rambling post.


I totally relate to this. It’s amazing how much eating is tied to external cues, and those associations are so hard to break. I can’t say I’ve been completely successful, but I’m really happy with the progress that I have made.