Thought you'd like a colour change

(Richard Morris) #1

I changed the colour of the bullet for this category from brown to black … thought that’d be appropriate :wink:

(Dustin Cade) #2

one of these days Ill see a game! its not very popular here in the states, though all three of my kids have played or do play Rugby! everyone knows about the All Blacks, if i’m not mistaken they are on a low carb sort of diet during the season…

(Richard Morris) #3

Yup they are Low carb. In the last world cup the videos of the changing rooms showed a table full of quest bars.

Some of the Aussies are low carb too, David Pocock for example.

(Dustin Cade) #4

I used this information for my oldest boy when he was not so happy about low carb… he really sees his results in his performance at practice and in running and endurance… our 13 year old sees his results but still like a 13 year old would rather have all the sweets and candies…

(Martin Danner) #5

Cheers @richard, nice touch!

(Martin Danner) #6

Here’s an article about the coach who steered the All Blacks to a low carb, healthy fat regimen, Dr. Nic Gill. The article is written by our own local keto guru, Professor Grant Schofield, whose blog is a wealth of scientifically grounded information on the relationship between nutrition and human performance.