Thought about going carnivore but

(Ilana Rose) #21

Found it. This is the population.

(Bunny) #22

They are a mixture of Khant (dark skin; Mongolian) and Komi (white skin); they are indeed Inuit children and a clan of Inuit but mostly live in the Russian Polar Urals.

Have a peek:

(Carl Keller) #23

The children in the photo above don’t appear related to Nenets. At least when looking at the photos in the article. There were no fair haired or fair skinned Nenets.

As fascinating as this mystery is, I fear we are straying off topic.

(Karim Wassef) #24

Yay! Two groups of bloody faced kids! :smile:

(Ilana Rose) #25

I meant this was the the population that Amber had said the picture was of. I’d been trying to remember. I don’t know for certain myself but assume she had a reason for her belief on the matter.

(Ilana Rose) #26

Mystery solved. The last series of pictures.

(Bunny) #27

“…When meat can’t be stored, during summer months, it makes more sense to fish for subsistence rather than to slaughter, at these times the main diet becomes fish, both raw and cooked. …”

Wanted to freeze frame the last paragraph on that link?

The diet is not always land animal meat!

I imagine they did cook land meat also but eating it raw was probably very nutritious (gladulars & organs) and they knew that in ancient time, I think they were very aware of the protomorphogens (DNA parts) in eating meat raw discussed in books by Dr. Royal Lee before the discovery of DNA?

(Ilana Rose) #28

I’ve heard this very thing on a few podcasts now. Cooking apparently reduces both the digestibility and nutritional value of meat. I was surprised to hear this as I’d believed previously that cooking aided meat’s digestibility.

I doubt I’ll soon be on the raw kick some carnivores are doing now but after all the changes I’ve made in the last few years I’ll never say never again.

(Bunny) #29

If your eating fermented seal flipper, probably digests a lot better i.e. digest-ability. Collagen rich whale skin could explain why they did not have a leaky gut i.e. auto-immunity and histamine tolerance issues and no cancer?