This week’s 2 Keto Dudes: Episode 224


Carl and Richard put the show on ice for a while after airing their personal grievances. Maybe you can relate. Tune in:

(Edith) #2

There are already two other threads about this episode.


I support the Dudes on this one. The fact that anti-vax “bool sheet” has infected the keto community is heartbreaking! I for one appreciate the Dudes and their courage to speak the truth. Good luck to Richard going back to school. I am sorry the podcast will go on ice for awhile but I understand. There is so much gold in the back episodes (esp. the Protein episode, the only place on the internet that issue has been explained adequately). Thanks guys.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #4

Sorry, but we are not going to debate the COVID vaccine all over again. It’s a hot-button topic and people who get involved get all worked up and don’t play nice.

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