This week’s 2 Keto Dudes: Episode 212



A 2KD Classic: Thomas Seyfried may have just cured Cancer. Richard picks a classic podcast here from Prof. Thomas Seyfried about his research into the use of ketogenic diets to combat cancer. Tune in:

(Bob M) #2

I just wish there were ways to follow his ideas for people who have cancer. Basically, you can’t. You can eat keto, but you need extra drugs to suppress l-glutamine fermentation, and no one has these.

(Bob M) #3

A very fun part of this was Richard’s discussion of how he had to lie during tests in order to pass them, when he knew the “correct” answers were wrong.

I’d love to hear an update of this. Particularly, is there any “drug”, even some herb, that mimics the drugs that reduce glutamine fermentation? Is hyperbaric therapy without that drug useful?

Has Dr. Seyfried had any luck getting this approved without “standard” care? What current literature does he recommend?


(Bob M) #4

One last comment, then my “lunch” (first meal after 36 hours fasting, at 10am) is over. My mother is undergoing radiation and chemo for pancreatic cancer. She has way too many doctors seeing her. Multiple ones recommended medical marijuana for her nausea. Her main cancer doctor refused to consider this, however. Someone told her it was because her main cancer doctor does not make money from that. He only makes money from the cancer therapies he peddles.

So, that’s the kind of mental framework we’d have to overcome.

(Jane) #5

He gets kickbacks from the drug companies? How is he making money from the drugs he is prescribing? That is horrific.

(Jane) #6

And if multiple docotrs are recommending medical marijuana… can’t they write her a script? Or does her main cancer doctor have to approve? That is cruel to withhold something to make your mother more comfortable.