This week’s 2 Keto Dudes: Episode 204

(carl) #1


(Clare) #2

I’m so glad to have your lovely voices back in my feed. I, like so many people, have drifted a little bit in this weirdest of times. Not really badly, but enough that I’d gained a bit of weight and a few aches and pains had started to return.
Worst of all, I realise my mood had started to slip. One of the best things about keto was always the consistent sense of feeling well - mentally well.
And so I had been feeling a bit down this morning. Horrible things in the news, a few personal issues - nothing serious but I was finding myself weighed down.
And then there you were in my feed. I’d missed the previous couple somehow - so even better, I’ve got multiple episodes to listen to.
I’ve been having a conversation with myself for months - ‘you know what to do, why aren’t you doing it?’
Well all your lovely voices have given me the little mental jump start I needed to take a bit of responsibility for myself. Thank you.
It’s just so very, very nice to have you back.


Hear hear! (Or is it hear here?). I too am so glad to hear the dudes again. I am very fortunate that I never drifted into obesity, I was just overweight for awhile. But I had a good friend who struggled with T2D and morbid obesity for many years. He finally succumbed late in 2020. It wasn’t COVID, it was some secondary infection in his foot. But because of COVID he died alone. There is nothing I can do about these facts, but I can commit to a better health & weight outcome for myself as a fitting memorial.


Sorry for your loss, @ourtown.

Hearing the 2dudes again has helped my attitude a lot. I did put on a few lbs. but have started back to stricter keto and hopefully will be back where I want to be soon.

(carl) #5

Sorry to hear about this, but I’m glad you’re tuning in again!