This is what "Fooducate" has to say about the Ketogenic diet

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This popped up in a different Keto group I’m in and I just had to share it. This is what “Fooducate” has to say about the Ketogenic diet… Far to may things are wrong with their lovely blanket statement and extreme lack of knowledge about anything… :angry::flushed::unamused::rage::pensive:

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OK. So filing away for my reference…“” is populated by morons. Put it on my “NEVER VISIT” list.



The sad part is Dr Yoni Freedhoff is part of the Fooducate advisory board…and for some bizarre reason, Dr Eenfeldt has Yoni’s blog news link as part of the diet doctor website. I don’t understand why.

(Jacquie) #6

What a tangled web…
My first thought was what is Hemi Weingarten’s (owner of Fooducate) agenda? Not easy to find on my first go around on the interwebz.

(bulkbiker) #7

Is it becasue Freedhoff led the nasty attack on Dr Fung last year about “fat-shaming”? Maybe we need to watch what the enemy is saying…

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We took Yoni down a peg last year over that

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That seems to be the common refrain from dietitians - it’s too boring for anyone to stick to #food:boringKeto

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What’s alarming about this is the “ketosis - a condition that can easily lead to life threatening ketoacidosis”.

Let’s rally some science so we can argue this point mindfully. I, too, would be put off of a diet that threatened my life…

So obnoxious.

(Angela Przybylski) #11

That was my first thought too. How can people who are supposedly “experts” not distinguish the difference between the two completely different states…

(Karen Parrott) #12

I deleted the foodeducate app off my phone when it rated Kashi cereal way higher than eggs. Toatally whack! Ugh.

I noticed that brands and grains are highly pushed on MFP, also. Out of date info.

(Dustin Cade) #13

before i started the diet and before I found the 2KetoDudes, this is what I thought… no way i could stick to it… I’m so very glad I was wrong…

(Derek I. Batting) #14

I dumped their app when I realized it was basically one big advertisement for Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s, their comments are awash with pseudo-scientific nonsense and their “expert advise” in anything but. I’d much rather hang here, thanks. :slight_smile:

(Kerri Hines) #15

I always like it when people who do understand that it’s only an issue for non insulin producing diabetics still say things like “ketosis is safe unless you’re T1D” because maintaining a keto lifestyle and of course the required insulin, greatly reduces the chance a T1D would ever get DKA because it keeps blood sugar in a healthy range. So even the people that CAN actually have that life threatening condition are less likely to have It eating this way.
Some people will never be convinced though. Including one very grumpy CDE at my daughters ENDO office. :joy: