This is rubbish - don;t believe the lies on Sugar

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Ok this is from a well known bike magazine and hence in this topic

This was on a Facebook post from the mag and I replied as

Anywhere we see this we must put them right

OK guys this article is pants, I could give you the science, I could show it and show how sugar damages endurance athletes, But nah lets give my story, I did the Marmotte Granfondo Series back in July all as a Carb/sugar burner, completed it but slow. So set my target, take two hours off get a silver time min. So what do I do, go keto and burn fat (funny Bardet, Froome and I suspect most pros do this) and what next ? well 13kg off, did the rise above sportive with no food (expect electrolytes) and half an hour quicker than in 2015. Now I can do fasted rides of 100km, 4 hours and feel perfectly fine. Fine believe this nonsense in this article, don;t listen to Noakes, Phinney, Volek and Peter A. Defty and continue to buy over priced, over rated and diabetic causing gels and supplements.


Well, of course Selene Yeager writes this stuff. She is author of many books, pushing whole grains, bananas, beans, CICO…etc. she protects her revenue stream.

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a doctor ??

FFS she says this - Plus, your brain only works on glucose

No one denies that this is bollox, yes you need glucose, the stiff the liver makes and guess what, Ketones is better as a dual fuel source !