This covid stuff is slippery

(Bob M) #1

We have talked to someone who has been at home (not “essential”) and believes they got covid from going to the store. Yikes!

Also, if you look at Pennsylvania:

And search for Indiana county, I used to live there. It’s what I call the boonies, or rural. My graduating class was 80 people, and k-12 was in one school.

And they have 75 cases and 5 people have died. How the heck did the virus get there?

My wife’s niece moved to “upstate” NY. She was working with her boss in his house, to reduce the chances he’d get covid and give it to his 93 yo mother. Unfortunately, his mother got it (they believe from a healthcare worker), and she gave it to her son. Both ended up in the hospital. Sadly, she died. He was in the hospital for about a week but survived. My wife’s niece is not showing symptoms.

(Karen) #2

Like all viruses, sadly, it doesn’t take much. I get my groceries “pick up”
at the stores. I wipe everything down with Clorox or let it quarantine for three days, and yet I may still get it.

On another note my sister-in-law who came out of Washington a month and a half ago to stay with my 88-year-old mother-in-law, has recently tested positive for Covid antibodies. She apparently got sick while she was in Washington But doesn’t recall ever being sick. The good news is at least she will not likely infect my mother-in-law. Unless of course she brings something back on a bag or a box or other food products from the grocery store. They are being careful but…who knows.

I am going to go get tested for CoVid antibodies. My mother-in-law’s doctor would like all close family members to be tested, so that we know. I fully expect to not have any antibodies.

(Ron) #3

And now our president has this to say.

I am sooooo confused? It’s no wonder people are all over the board on this thing. :dizzy_face::wink:

(Prancing Pony) #4

I have no evidence for this but have a sneaking suspicion the covid-19 tests are not wholly accurate and patients with influenza, pneumonia etc are being registered as covid.

I imagine like most bacteria and viruses we have a lot of tiny bits all the time and only deregulation of the whole system allows one specific species to out complete the rest.

Only time and data analysis will tell.


I have heard and read a plethora of articles and reports. One of the most perplexing results arose out of a person’s suspicions that the tests might not be all that accurate. That person was the president of Tanzania. He tested a pawpaw (fruit) and a goat. Assigned each a name and birthdate. Both came back positive.

Another article detailed how the first batch of Covid-19 tests from the CDC were ALL infected with the virus prior to release. Were those tests deployed and administered? Were the swabs responsible for actually infecting people?

Another article/report explained how the wearing of masks (and sanitizing to the nth degree) is actually working against us. Instead of being exposed to all kinds of germs and viruses, and developing natural immunity - we are only breathing in our own breath. Thus, we are not being exposed to those things which we’d normally be exposed to, and our immune system isn’t being stimulated. When next fall hits, and people quit wearing masks, there will be a massive shockwave of illness across the land.

There is so much more. For the time being, I wear a mask when I have to due to work, and that’s it.

(Windmill Tilter) #6

It definitely is contagious. It doesn’t help matters that only 10% of the actual CV19 cases get tested. In NYC, there are 8.4 million people. So far, 183,000 have tested positive for the virus. However, random antibody testing in the city has shown that around 21% of NYC residents have contracted the virus. That’s 1,760,000 people have gotten this thing just in NYC!!!

That means that in NYC we’re only catching 10% of positive cases. We’re also doing double the testing per capita as anywhere else in the nation. As a rough rule of thumb, if you don’t live in NY, take whatever number of positive cases there are for your county, and multiply by 25. That’s what your actual infection rate is likely to be.

Another way of calculating the true number of cases is to take total deaths and multiply by 150. The fatality rate for CV19 is between 0.5% and 1%. The reported numbers for positive tests are a joke.

(Windmill Tilter) #7

It’s not all bad news though. On a positive note however, NYC has collected some great data on demographics and underlying condition. We now know that CV19 poses very little risk to otherwise healthy people regardless of their age. If you don’t have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes (T1 or T2), your odds of dying are absolutely tiny. That’s true even if you’re 70.

On the other hand, if you are 50lbs overweight, with high blood pressure, and T2 diabetes, this thing is crazy dangerous. This would be a damn good time to lay off the carbs, start alternate day fasting, start lifting weights to lower blood pressure, and get down to healthy weight as quickly as possible. This thing specifically targets obese people with metabolic syndrome, it’s doesn’t care that you’re only 45.

Here is the data:


(Ethan) #8

I don’t mean to be negative, but that just isn’t how these things work,. You do not normally carry influenza viruses or coronaviruses in your body. You also do not normally exhibit clinical symptoms of pneumonia. Time does not need to tell because we already know otherwise is ludicrous. It is possible that the tests are less accurate than we thought, but likely only within a certain bound by know. We have a fairly decent idea of accuracy, and we ca guarantee people don’t harbor these viruses always in their bodies.

(Prancing Pony) #9

Actually you could carry the flu virus and not know it -
“‘77% of flu infections’ have no symptoms, say experts,”

And there are scientists working on the human viome, just like we all now know we have a biome and killing all the bacteria is bad, there are viruses that protect from other viruses or stimulate our immune system in a beneficial way -

And yes you do have clinical symptoms of pneumonia-

Time will tell how much is misinterpreted just like say saturated fat and heart attacks or maybe that antibiotics don’t have any drawbacks.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #10

I wouldn’t think that’s possible because they swab you with a sterile swab and the testing is actually done in a lab to see if the virus is present. So I think this means that they were reporting false positives because the culture medium was already contaminated with the virus maybe? :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m not, that’s clearly BEYOND biased against Trump. NOBODY was taking this that serious in January because China was making it look like it’s wasn’t the out of control disaster that it was. NOBODY would have flipped out and closed down a country and an economy with what we THOUGH we knew at that point.

(Ethan) #12

Sure you can carry it and not know, but you wont be carrying it on a regular basis, which was the claim.

(Ethan) #13

I started buying masks, disinfectants, meat, supplies, etc., in January. I sold my 401k assets to cash-equivalents in Feb… I am not NOBODY.

(Prancing Pony) #14

How do you know that? Where is your evidence? We don’t test enough to know what normal is because we can’t culture viruses like bacteria :roll_eyes:

(Ethan) #15

because people are tested for the flu all the time.You don’t harbor influenza viruses internally on a regular basis


If you started that in January you’re either smarter than everybody else or had a lil’ touch of Paranoia, but in either case A+ on the meat prepping! I grabbed a (smaller than I wanted) chest freezer and just today topped that baby off! Now I want a bigger one! Also dumped my 401k, only got a slightly stupid with some of the money. Luckily it was a Roth so didn’t get destroyed for taking it out.


Covid is indeed slippery. This poor chap seems dazed, confused and scared, too:

(Ethan) #18

I didn’t dump the 401k/iras to take the cash out. I liquidated the portfolios to cash equivalents, but kept the money in the accounts to reinvest when this is all clear.

I am a risk and security professional. It’s my job to find how things can go wrong and plan for it; so I am better prepared than most. We stocked up on all kinds of things, since you don’t know what will go into a shortage and what will remain abundant. I figured that it would go in waves though rather than a total collapse/famine. In any case though, it does appear that our intelligence people were also aware of the risk…


Ahhhh, so you’re a prepper, but you wear a tie when you do it therefor you’re not insane! :grin:

What’s funny though is the couple years I used to watch Doomsday preppers out of all the reasons people had I always though the ones prepping for unknown global pandemics were the craziest of all. I would love to see one of them out in the wild in a full blown HAZMAT suit. I used to do a lot of contract work in labs and had a descent amount of blood/airborne pathogen training and the crap we used to have to do was just shy of insane (gov labs) but even that still had me thinking those people were nuts.

Although the EMP people were a little interesting as well. I definitely think I’m going to actively have an active food backlog from this point on though. When Flu season hit’s you know Corona will have a burst again, if we close down again (although I don’t think we will) I’ll have some protein on standby.

(Bob M) #20

If you’re a meat packer, it’s a bit dangerous.

Over 1,000 meat packers positive in one Iowa meat packing plant:

Similar, related to Sioux City meat packing, one death:

My wife takes incredible care when she goes to the store, so I doubt she’d get it. But who knows?