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(Kirk Wolak) #21

Yeppers, I saw a SlimFast/WeightWatchers (one of them) KETO product with 20g of Carbs.

And yes.

In fact, I believe this is why KETO is so hard to re-start for many people.
They have already transitioned to “this won’t hurt”, or “net carbs is fine”.
Or they are just not counting.

You want to get into ketosis? Fast? easy? It’s a free pill…
don’t eat for 3 days. And add plenty of walking if you want to get there sooner.

Everything else just delays the results… LOL

(Stickin' with mammoth) #22

Sadly, if all they’re looking for is weight loss–and most of them are–and they happen to be one of the “lucky” ones for whom weight loss is delayed for myriad reasons, they could be healing twenty different conditions simultaneously on keto and never realize it because their eyes are so firmly fixed on the scale.

I’m starting to wonder why we still have scales. No, really. They’re about as valuable as phrenology maps for all the information they convey.

(Bacon is better) #23

We got my dad a scale back in January for his birthday. I tried it at the dinner table, to make sure it worked, and that the numerals were large enough for him to be able to see them (he is 91). It told me I weighed 254 lbs. Must have been all the coins in my pocket, eh? Just for kicks, I got on it in the bathroom stark naked the other day, and weighed 100 pounds less. I don’t carry that many coins in my pocket!

My real weight is around 225 lbs., as measured by the balance scale at the gym. But scales in our bathroom seem to measure me quite erratically. The old scale matched my dad’s weight pretty accurately, consistent with the scale at the doctor’s and elsewhere. But I could make that scale register anything within a forty- or fifty-pound range, simply by how I stood on it. And the most consistent reading was always around 20 lbs. too light.

This is why I don’t worry about the number on such devices.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #24

I happened to note the price on my errands today: $10. I know fillers are cheap so it must be the lofty Slimfast prestige that garners such value.

(Edith) #25

They were giving them out as samples one day at Costco. They are tiny little things for all those carbs.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #26

Recently, I cut down the bread aisle of my supermarket in a bid to get to the self-check lanes quicker but I stopped. There it was: keto bread. And by keto bread, I mean regular white bread, with all the ingredients of regular white bread, and all the carbs of regular white bread, but with the letters K-E-T-O printed on it. As a matter of fact, it had more carbs than a few other loaves shelved next to it.

Man, I hope people out there have passed basic math.