There is Sugar IN MY SALT


I was at a relative some days ago and wished to drink a tea. The hostess (my SO’s Mom, specifically who considers me her daughter, lovely woman with very bad lifestyle choices) thought it’s easier to make a bunch of it for us two. It’s easy enough for me to make it myself but fine.

It had sugar.
She knows we (his son and I) quit added sugar about 13 years ago, we told her enough times.
She has diabetes.

We don’t even try at this point, we are completely powerless.
(I brought some low-carb cake with me as she likes cake, even that one but if she bakes, that happens with sugar. She promptly got out some ice cream from the freezer that surely would go wonderfully with it.)

The pain is still fresh so I used the chance to vent a tiny bit.

(She followed doctor’s orders regarding sugar pretty well in the first years. It wore off, apparently.)

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@Shinita I can relate to this… my man proudly tells people how he cured himself of diabetes by stopping drinking sugar laden sodas daily and he believes it to be true, but his diet is still so very high in sugar, it’s scary. I’ve spoken to him and told him it’s still really high, but all he can see is that it’s much lower than it used to be… still dangerous levels though and I suspect his current issues with low energy are a massive warning sign he can’t see.

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You’re right, but this is a case where you are too close to the person to be heard.

But give him time, sometimes people surprise us. If you refrain from nagging, he’s more likely to come round; men tend to dig in their heels when nagged too much. I’m not sure why that is so, but I notice it in myself and in the men of my acquaintance.

On the other hand, a smart man usually learns that it’s best to listen carefully to the woman in his life, lol!


Can I just say immediatley, I’m glad you are pissed off. I mean that in a good way.

Because nobody seems to give a FK anymore.
Well, we care.

FK sugar in salt.



Damn right!

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If you want to get angry, just head on over to the American Diabetes Association and see what they list as recipes for diabetics:



I vomitted at the bananna pancakes.

No. No. No.

Not required sir!

There is plenty of options under a keto woe.



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:rage: I know about this because my husband is diabetic and some organization sends him “healthy” recipes every month. Gotta love a nice cabbage salad with bacon, so let’s make sure we improve that by pouring honey all over it. Hey, bees don’t get diabetes, it must be a good idea. %^&*(#.


No sugar, sweetheart.

Not required, apparently.



I almost wrote, oh they won’t surprise me… I automatically went to the low-carb recipes as the “meat lover’s muffin” looked nice…
9g per muffin, HOW? 1.25 cups of hash browns.
Oh. Of course. As a meat and egg creation wouldn’t be carby enough. My bad.
(But hashbrowns in a muffin? I don’t even know what is frozen hashbrowns, we here make it ourselves I think though I don’t know people nowadays…)
Canola oil, sigh.

I wouldn’t use maple syrup galore if I had diabetes (okay, I mean if I didn’t have my low-fat history and stuff)… The banana pancake is lovely, for a healthy one who thrives on high-carbs like my SO… :slight_smile: I still LOVE bananas :slight_smile: I just don’t need them in my pancakes. I eat walnut pancakes on off days. Bananas get chocolate cover just like in my newbie ketoer days. But since my chosen woe is carnivore-ish, it happens quite rare.

The mashed cauliflower-potato may be a good idea for someone who just wouldn’t give up potato, no matter what… If they like it and manage to eat it in moderation (I tend to eat way more from lighter stuff especially if I chase a flavor). But it sounds a nice dish. No horrid ingredients.

And they managed not to put much carbs into egg salad, I am impressed :wink:

“Guilt-Free Breakfast Sausage Patties”
Oh my this “guilt-free” is so stupid, especially to me. As if I ever could feel guilty because of food… Even eating a human wouldn’t be enough for that (under the right circumstances, obviously).
MAPLE SYRUP. Why? I know, US thing to put sugar into meat. Horrid idea if you ask my family, I rarely attack personal taste but I can’t understand this.
Otherwise it’s nice in its mild turkey ways. I actually like turkey… I could eat that, I just would swap the syrup with some butter as it’s way too lean. It would be still pretty good for my November and I need leaner stuff now, for fat-loss. Wait, why it has trans fat?

I stop already.

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As a guy, I’m only using Himalayan which sounds like salt made just for men.

So, the ladies must be using… Heralayan salt? :rofl:

Ain’t no fakin the bacon! :heart: