There is Sugar IN MY SALT

(KM) #1

Did we know about this??? For Pete’s sake. Dextrose in my salt? REALLY? I’m sure it’s not enough to notice or make a difference, but this is infuriating. I think I might just waste the super market’s time bringing back this $.69 item and complaining about it. ETA, ok apparently everyone knows this but me. I’m still pissed off.


When you think food industry has a very hard time to surprise you anymore… :flushed:

Really? I never saw anything like that. As it makes no sense.
Not like I can imagine why is there milk in supermarket lard… :thinking:
Or coloring in the most varied items, even where color doesn’t matter or where the color is just whitish anyway…

(KM) #3

I think it keeps it from clumping. Sigh.


Correct, without it in there, you’d be smashing it off of stuff to break the brick it turned into every time there was the slightest bit of humidity. There’s not enough of it to matter. Can’t let yourself fall victim to keto paranoia when there’s trace amounts of crap in stuff that makes no difference, you’ll drive yourself nuts if you let it get you.

(Rossi Luo) #5

No, not everyone, I believe most people don’t know it as they don’t look at labels at all. They will love such products because the sugar tastes so good, and I bet they are willing to pay a higher price for it and tell their friends that they have found a quite tasty salt, :grin:

(KM) #6

Except kosher salt doesn’t have it. Or Himalayan. I basically read every label, for now I’m ok with foregoing products that don’t meet my parameters (or making an exception when it suits me), but salt? NaCl? Never occurred to me.

(Doug) #7

I’d never heard of it… :neutral_face::smile: For Morton Salt I see it listed as 0.04%, so in 25 grams of salt there would be 1/100 gram of dextrose.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

It’s to prevent clumping. They also put it in shredded cheese, for the same reason.

If you want dextrose-free salt, buy a salt grinder and some sea salt, and grind it yourself. No clumping that way.


That’s because Kosher and Himalayan are much larger, so not prone to cake up. There’s also no fortified Iodine in those, which the dextrose also helps stabilize, aside from being an anti-caking agent.

(Allie) #10

Bin it.


Shredded cheese only have starch here. The shredded cheese I buy doesn’t have even that, it’s hard cheese so it doesn’t need it :slight_smile: Yeah there is a minimal clumping but that’s fine. Shredded cheese with starch has raw flour flavor, it renders it inedible for me in raw form. Ew.

I will look at salt labels next time I visit a supermarket. I don’t have the salt packages anymore, I immediately pour the salt into glass jars. And they last almost forever as we use little salt. So even a minimal sugar wouldn’t cause problems except I would refuse to eat it. It’s SALT and I have standards :slight_smile: I am at the point where I refuse to buy pâté with sugar (or water as its first ingredient) despite I love it and can’t make it myself. Yet. Give me a few years and I will manage zero added sugar to my knowledge! It’s not like it’s hard (I mean, if we don’t miss the omitted items… :wink: ), my normal items have none (while they have salt). Only my processed meats and some condiments (I am working on making them all myself) have some.

I don’t know if I will be fine with zero added sodium though. I am not ready for it yet, I do like my meat slightly salted. Even my roasts need about 1g salt per pound and those are my least salted meat dishes.

If sugar is against clumping, does it meat food industry don’t need it in the salt? Oh no problem, they add it for flavor anyway… Though maybe not in every cases… Why would cheese need any extra sugar, for example? It has its own. Though in the end, many has zero…

I am just thinking, it doesn’t really matter. As long as my salt has no sugar in its ingredient list, that’s still pretty important :slight_smile:

(KM) #12

Thank you. I knew it wouldn’t be enough to matter, it’s the principle of the thing.

(Allie) #13

Potato starch here, I tend to avoid pre-shredded.

(Bob M) #14

Real Salt also doesn’t have it:

It’s not iodized, though. And maybe the “60+ naturally occurring trace minerals” help with keeping it from clumping.

(Doug) #15

I hear you, and there’s a gut-basic reaction of “Oh, good grief…” to it. :smile:


I told my SO about sugar in salt and he is shocked too. He dislikes unnecessary things just like I do especially if it’s sugar. We pretty much went off sugar ages ago together, tiny amounts and exceptional days still happens though. But he avoids added sugar way more passionately and successfully than his Mom with diabetes… Sigh. And she actually listens to the doctor to a great extent.

(Joey) #17

We love our Redmond salt… but “60+ naturally-occurring trace minerals” suggests there are a number of elements in this product from the periodic table that we wouldn’t seek to include in our diet. (After all, can you name 60 minerals you’d want to ingest? I cannot.)

Alas, menu choices can be tough. :wink:

(Bob M) #18

I do know there are a lot of trace minerals, some of which are more important, like copper and boron. But, like you, I don’t know what 60 of them would be.

(Joey) #19

FWIW, 60 elements (assuming each mineral is an element) equates to roughly one-half of the entire periodic table. I’m feeling full already.

(Bob M) #20

This is a nice looking version:

I’m assuming the 60+ trace minerals is hyperbole, but I don’t know enough about what “trace minerals” the body needs.