The World Can Be So Unkind

(Rebecca ) #1

I was walking in a crosswalk, with stop signs for cars, in a parking lot today and a man almost hit me, then he rolled his window down, flipped me off and called ME a “stupid b***h”. This is how people treat one another now…I just got in my car and cried.

(Jenny) #2

you didn’t deserve to be treated that way! ((hugs))

(Little Miss Scare-All) #3

Awwww don’t cry. Dont let that asshat steal your joy. Dont let him have that kind of power over you. His opinion means less than nothing. He’s a smelly turd, and the opinions of smelly turds are also smaller smelly turds. Pay no mind.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #4

Yep, it’s a pretty shitty world unfortunately. But like Dena said, don’t let some random stranger (or anyone for that matter) get to you. Flip that fucker off and keep it moving :joy: I’m sorry that happened to you and I’m glad you’re ok :heart:


he doesn’t deserve your tears. I too have noticed how rude and uncaring people have become. so much has changed for the worse. it is sad and it is scary. tenderness kindness politeness and respect are so valuable and they are getting lost.

(Edith) #6

I was just commenting to my kids the other day that I don’t understand why the finger is everyone’s instant reaction. It is depressing and concerning.

I got honked at and given the finger for driving 25 mph in a school zone when the school zone lights were flashing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Polly) #7

Sorry you were shaken and upset by this total idiot. He was probably a criminal trying to escape justice and thought you were preventing his escape!

(Rebecca ) #8

You’re right, Jenny…no one does!!!

(Rebecca ) #9

Hahahaha! Thank you, Dena! No way I’m going to cry after reading your message!!:rofl:

(Rebecca ) #10

Thank you, Beccs. I guess my reaction was dismay that someone, clearly in the wrong would treat someone that way :pleading_face: It never occurs to me to be mean, hateful and spiteful to people.


You should have stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and kept him from going through and smiled and blew kisses at him. Like others have said, don’t give him the power. He was clearly in the wrong.

(Rebecca ) #12

Thank you, Chantarella. The “art of treating others the way you’d like to be treated” is going down the tubes fast…so much good can be done with a smile, kindness, courtesy and respect .

(Rebecca ) #13

Thanks Edith. It is appalling the way some people treat others. What a shame for kids to be exposed to that, too.

(John) #14

That’s not “The World.” That’s one rude guy, out of billions. I also see (and sometimes perform) random acts of kindness and courtesy most days.

Keep an eye out for those times too, and give them just as much attention as the times when people are rude or inconsiderate and The World will seem a bit more balanced.

(Rebecca ) #15

Thanks, Polly. That’s possible I guess!! My husband figured he was probably on his phone and not paying attention because he wasn’t even slowing down.

(Rebecca ) #16

Thanks, Sharon! There’s a thought!:kissing_heart: I guess my instinct was to not get hit!!

(Rebecca ) #17

You’re right John. I do believe in the good of people, which is why I think I felt the way I did. You never know what someone is going through on any given day, so simple kindness can go a long way!!

(John) #18

I do know the feeling though - of being the target of someone else’s unjust anger or aggression, when you did nothing wrong. It can be very intense and unnerving at the time.

It is a challenge, and sometimes takes years of effort, to get to where our default response to others is compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Seems that blame, irritation, anger, and self-importance come easier.

I have probably been that rude jerk at times (though I usually tell my opinions of random others to the steering wheel and not directly to them), and have probably been that innocent person in the crosswalk as well.

He may have been subconsciously angry at himself for not paying attention, but rather than realize that and accept it, it was just directed outwards. Probably automatically. Or he may just have poor character.

However, he has already occupied much more of your thought than he is worth. I’d file it away as “one of those things” and forget about him.


I went into a store the other day and literally came out and didn’t have enough room to get in my car. The guy next to me had parked so close that I couldn’t open the drivers door more than 8 inches (he obviously didn’t have a passenger). I didn’t have time to wait around and give him a good cussing , so my fat butt had to climb over the passenger seat, across the console and somehow maneuver into the driver’s seat. People just don’t care much for others in this day and time. It made me mad, but I got over it.

(Rebecca ) #20

I posted this yesterday, when it was still fresh…I do realize the World is made up of all different sorts of people, going through all different sorts of things in their lives. Today is a new day. My faith teaches me to forgive and let go…and that’s what I have done! Thank you all for your encouraging posts!!!