The whoosh affect experience?


I’m back on keto seriously after losing it over Christmas and new year and then an all inclusive holiday.
I’ve initially lost 4lbs and now lost nothing over past 2weeks, although I’m down 1inch waist and 2 inches hips.
I’m 3 weeks in.
Has anyone had this and then literally lost a good few pounds over night? Hoping for a whoosh. Don’t want to restrict any more because this is my new woe not just a quick fix and I want to enjoy my food. I’m under 30g net carbs per day, some days under 20g.

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Yes, all the time.


You loses fat then, sweet! Good for you :slight_smile:

(Almost never understand why people care about weight… The last person told me it’s easier on their joints if they have a smaller weight, I kind of can understand that, somehow…? I would strengthen my body instead but each to their own.)

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Don’t go by scale weight, use the fit of your clothing as your measure of progress.

Also, don’t restrict calories; let your body tell you how much to eat. Now that you’ve been keto for a few weeks, your insulin is low enough to no longer be interfering with your appetite hormones. As long as you keep carbohydrate intake minimal, you do not need to fear to eat. Insulin is the main fat-storage hormone, but if we restrict our calories, the body still tries to hang on to its fat reserves, in order to get us through the famine. Eat enough, and it will feel safe shedding some more excess fat.


Ok so my clothes are definitely fitting better, a pair of jeans was a good fit yesterday that were too tight to wear 2 weeks ago. I don’t know why I’m so fixated with the scales!!
I have much less of a tyre that I can notice.
I’m feeling good eating this way.

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Congratulations! :+1: