The Waiting Game

(Graci) #22

Just updating my less than ideal progress lol, so 10 weeks into my Keto WOE as of today. Scale has not budged except to bounce back and forth with the same 2lbs, also no more inches lost since the few lost around April 22nd.

Struggling with the idea that I am not somehow screwing this up and just wasting time. No sweeteners still, no cheating, dropping all dairy but grass fed butter and HWC in coffee only (1-2 tbspn per day), going to start walking everyday, but not excessively. I know my carbs are under 20 net everyday, and lately under 20 total…I also already IF 16:8 for at least 3 days per week. Should I start water fasting? Maybe do three 24 hr per week? Friendly reminder that I have 75+ lbs to lose, female, 38…insulin resistant. It seems there must be a period of time that one would reach with no weight loss when obese, that signifies the need to change what you’re doing (I don’t mean abandoning Keto, just figuring out why weight loss isn’t happening, what I know is that I am under carbs and not getting too much protein - which begs the question - what the heck am I doing wrong!!!). KCKO is much easier said than done sometimes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Ashley) #23

Water fasting may help! It helped me break a few stalls. I’m seriously considering doing Monday wensday Friday eating. Fasting tuesdays Thursday’s Saturday Sunday! I see people doing it, I’m not sure how much I should be eating them days. Trying to think of a strategic plan!

(Complete legend) #24

Once people are well fat-adapted, yes.

(Ashley) #25

Tbh I did not read the 10 weeks thing! Not sure how I skipped over that!

(Ashley) #26

I would wait a few more weeks then, unless you are feeling that you are fat adapted, I knew I was when I started being able to skip breakfast and most the time have a very late lunch everyday!