The UK's Labour deputy leader says he lost seven stone by cutting out sugar, fatty foods and beer

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But this is the bbc’s banner line on the website
Labour’s Tom Watson ‘reversed’ type-2 diabetes through diet and exercise

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Interesting they put “reversed” diabetes in quotes like it’s not real.

And never say the evil words keto or low carb. It was “giving up sugar”.

No matter. His results speak for themselves. Good for him.

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No, they put it in quotes so that it’s attributed to him, not the BBC stating it as a fact. He’s making the claim, they’re making that clear.

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Ah, ok. Well, it’s a start. Once people start to understand they have the power to control their disease more will take their health back into their own hands.

They may not LIKE it because of having to give up their addictive carbs but at least they have a choice.

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If I was the sub I’d have made it - Tom Watson “reversed type-2 diabetes” - as I think it’s clearer, but different places have different styles. (I’m assuming that was basically what he said overall, as there isn’t actually a quote of that in the story, so I presume that was the gist of it created from the whole cloth of what he said.)


Ah, it’s quoted from another article from the Daily Express.

That’s a pretty good editorial, but right next to it is this article headline:

High cholesterol: Top diet tips for lowering cholesterol and fighting the ’silent killer’

Oh, brother. :frowning_face:

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This is good news for all of us not just keto or T2, every step foreword is a win.
This is a foothold on the ladder of acceptance for the general public, if they see so called important people going keto! then there must be something to it.
Most people want to be told what to do, take your pill eat that food, not that food.
Keto is more about reclaiming oneself back from the madness and taking control of ones own life.

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What “fatty foods” did he cut out? If he meant breaded and fried then I am good with that. If he meant fatty meats then :smirk:


Good catch! I think the title should have said “fast” foods.
No where in the article does it mention fatty foods.

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This is the response I got after I doped my mate :wink: Tom a line or two

Hi Drew

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me and sharing your experience.

I can only say what worked for me as this tough journey is different for everyone. It has taken me one year for others it may take 5 years or more. I wanted to share my story with others to get people talking about the issue and raise awareness. I felt that setting realistic goals and giving myself rewards kept me motivated. I rewarded myself with small things for my old bicycle which had the mothballs blown off when I was ready to exercise. I have enjoyed every bit of getting fit again.

I now want to use my personal experience to help develop policies that can really make a difference to people’s lives. I don’t have all the answers. That’s why I’ve set up an independent commission to look at all the hard evidence and experience from people like you. It’s currently in the early stages of planning.

I’ve been so touched to receive so many messages of support. It is amazing to hear how much me coming out and talking about my experience has inspired people.

I’m going to be working much more on this issue in the months to come. It would help me if I could keep in touch with my progress.

Thank you again for getting in touch.



Office of Tom Watson MP
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and
Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport


That’s a cool letter, Drew!
Thanks for sharing it. :+1:


I agree!

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More to the point WE now have a point man in real power. Everyone in the UK on here should get in touch with Tom and let him know just how much support he will have from the keto community. WE are the voters, WE have the power.