The right amount of protein. Carnivores, I need you! :)

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But let me derail this to talk about something irrelevant.

Okay back to the topic at hand, somewhat, not really. :joy:

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At age 17, you have little need to worry about protein, as long as your carbohydrate intake is minimal. You are still growing, and your body needs protein to grow. It also needs plenty of calories in order to fuel the growth process. You should be eating your parents out of house and home. Furthermore, your brain is still growing and developing, and will be for several more years, so keep feeding it.

As long as your carbohydrate intake is minimal, which of course is the case on a carnivore diet, your fat tissue will let fat flow in as you eat and digest, and then flow out again to fuel your body between meals. You don’t need to worry about it accumulating, unless you go back to eating a large amount of carbohydrate again.

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I’m curious Chris, why isn’t salmon recommended?

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I think salmon is great but I was deeply disgusted last week when I looked up what farmed salmon are fed. Their pellet feed is composed in large part of soy giving them over five times more omega 6 than their wild counterparts.

Further, the color of their flesh is fake. As a result of their pellet feed their flesh has a naturally gray tone, and the pink tone we see in the grocer is due to a dye that is injected in the flesh.

And yup, antibiotics too.

All told, it’s gross. I’m switching to wild.

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Wild caught only for me. Frozen Alaska pink salmon whole fillets is what I get, $5 a pound. The reason I buy frozen is that a large percentage of salmon have parasites that are harmful and freezing kills them. I like salmon a little undercooked and frozen is safer. I am on immune suppression drugs and don’t want to risk a parasite infestation. :cowboy_hat_face:

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And yet, here you are…

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I used to have a place for all of God’s creatures - right next to the mashed potatoes & gravy. If I was carnivore, it would now have to be right next to the fork & knife.

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And so are you…? :wink: