The power of momentum

(kimhowerton) #1

“Do not underestimate the power of momentum” - Rich Roll.
Newbies! This one is for you… there will be a moment when you think, “what can it hurt” about having something non-keto.
Do not do it. You are rolling along the keto path… the longer you stay keto the more emotional momentum you’ve gained. You get off track and now that little “something” isn’t really just about what you ate. That’s kind of minor. But you’ve lost your momentum. Now you’ve gotta get this thing rolling again… and many of you will somehow not be able to get it moving without a lot of effort. And some of you it will run over.
So, use the power of momentum in your favor! Keep it keto. With every keto decision you make the smoother the sail will be!

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And yes, my car became a boat…