The optimal diet for longevity comes down to this critical factor


“If an individual is more than 55-years-old — the balance changed to a total energy supply of 11 percent proteins, 67 percent carbohydrates, and 22 percent fats…”

Any thoughts?

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Not sure where to start with that one. It’s best to relegate that to the digital waste bin.


I’d be so sick I would wish I were dead. I ate like that most of my overweight, pain-filled, life. Why would I ever want to go back?

Won’t bother reading anything else on that site.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

We compiled the most extensive dataset to date of corresponding national macronutrient supplies, survival statistics, and economic data. . . .

I’d love to see the full article, because the abstract tells us nothing useful to support their assertions. It sounds as though they correlated data from several different sources, so I’m not sure how they moved from the data to their conclusions. I also don’t see any list of affiliations and conflicts for the authors, so it’s hard to tell where they are coming from. (Dr. Malcolm Kendrick says that the best thing to do with studies by certain authors is to print them out and place the printout in the wastepaper basket.) Ted Naiman is highly enamoured of Raubenheimer’s and Simpson’s protein-leverage hypothesis, for what that’s worth.

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But we’d all be gaining a pound a week because “calories”