The Offal Challenge


Oh crap. There goes TGIF down the drain. :rolling_eyes:

(Meeping up the Science!) #42

That can be the hardcore edition. The basic edition is any variety once a day?

Different levels mean different people can participate!


:chicken: I figure, you (@Brenda)found the limits to my willingness to adventure into the world of animal buttholes…
I’ll happily do the basic edition with you all :hatching_chick:


I’m gonna say there’s buttholes in my sausage. Which is better than the other way around.


Hehehe you guys are too funny :joy:
Wonder if this is the dark side of food porn… :thinking:

(Joan Hulvey) #46

Just enjoyed beef heart tartar at a restaurant (The Shack in Staunton, VA). Chopped up small with some sort of butter sauce and parsley on top. Delicious!

(Richard Morris) #47

I regret that I have just one heart to give that comment

(Keeping calm and fasting on) #48

Was a time frame ever established for this? I love liver, heart, kidneys, etc. I’d be up for this as long as it isn’t a travel time for me. We are heading to Alaska mid to late August. Any other time would be good for me.

(Meeping up the Science!) #49

No, since Ketofest happened, however we can set up a week in August!

(Becky) #50

I am in for the basic! I enjoy chicken livers sautéed with onions in bacon fat and liverwurst. Ohh, and I also like gizzards boiled for hours with garlic, oregano, a bit of tomato. That covers three days. I need ideas for the other 4 days.

(Claudia) #51

Oh man am I late with my reply XD
Just trying to get down the rabbit hole of offal meat.
I finally got over my hatred for liver, and am planning to try beef heart next.

I do believe it has actually not that often to do with thinking it is not healthy, it seems to be more a type of “disgust” thing that has been planted in our heads.

I personally don’t really see the ethical difference in killing an animal for his muscles or for its heart, lungs, liver.
If anything I think its actually the opposite. Using everything you possibly can is what I consider being respectful to the animal who died so you can live…

Other people I discussed this with say they cannot even eat a whole chicken because it reminds them too much of the living animal. We have been raised with a very different opinion on animals (cartoons humanifying them, way deeper attachment to pets and so on)

does not have much to do with the keto diet, but I just love to question and analyze stuff and discuss things from all sides :smiley: