The National Food Pyramid = A Nation Of Fat People


(Mg ) #1

Could be wrong, but I don’t think so.
Our lifestyle isn’t for everyone, however I think that Food Pyramid is wrong and unattainable based on just sheer numbers.
Numbers don’t lie.

Caloric maybe ok. I’ll give em that.
The rest, horrible.
Just my opinion. Could be wrong.
Old outdated

(Tracy) #2

According to the food pyramid I’m supposed to eat up to 11 bowls of spaghetti a day. Even a doctor will tell you that’s BS.

(Mg ) #3

I just revisited that insanity last night,
I sincerely am shocked and mortified at what they tell people to do.
What’s worse?
They teach it to children. It’s horrific! No wonder our country are sickly, and can’t move
Just the inflammation that would occur would knock me out.
I have zero swelling in my joints today.

Someone must be financially profiting from this.
Terrible to say but there is no other rational explanation.
It doesn’t work. It’s outdated.


I don’t know exactly how national food pyramids look like (obviously have some idea, I saw many food pyramids in my life) but I always had my own. It must be finetuned for the one in question and their goals at the moment.
Mine is quite simple now :slight_smile: It’s good for me but other people need something different.

Last time I heard something about the current ideals was when school lunch policy changed in this country and I looked things up. I wasn’t very happy with that either.

(Old Baconian) #5

Well, the sugar industry, the seed oil industry, and the breakfast food industry come to mind.

The Kellogg brothers were Seventh-Day Adventists, strongly influenced by Ellen White, who believed that eating meat stimulated men’s fleshly lusts, and who therefore recommended vegetarianism to her followers. Ancel Keys and several of his friends were paid to do research by the sugar industry. It was Crisco that put the American Heart Association on the map, with a large donation in 1948, and in return, the AHA has promoted the wonders of “heart-healthy” seed oils ever since.

(Vic) #6

This is the Belgium brainwash propaganda machine documentation.

I will be dead soon…years ago soon…?? Im so confused :crazy_face: