The Magic Pill


Raw macadamia nuts or roasted? Any difference?


I used roasted. Not sure if it matters but roasted worked great.


It happens I found this site recently. I think you would enjoy it and it seems that she has not kept it up but it has great scientific links about cancer. When I link to it through google the same thing happens. When I go to it through explorer it works well. I do not think it is dangerous but I have no computer expertise so proceed at your own risk

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Hello, I’d like the link as well too please! :blush:


Pm’ed you.


For anyone looking to watch this film (The Magic Pill) … we watched it tonight on ‘Movie Box’ … which is connected to our Dodo Internet service. Cost $5.95 rental for 2 days.

I only turned up here after searching to find out more about the concepts … I had no clue about Paleo or Ketogenic? diets … other than assuming they were the latest fad diets (no disrespect meant).

Looks like I need to do a bit more study.

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Thank you for such a thoughtful and observant review. I’m really glad you liked it, as we worked very hard on establishing the characters and the style. Glad it paid off. - Robert Tate (Director / Editor)

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Two local Ketovangelist Coaches used to crowd source the showing of this movie in a local AMC theater in Springfield Illinois last night. We had 117 attendees, I believe. I hung out before and after the movie to help field questions.

One thing that really struck me as I watched the movie. Keep in mind that I’ve been Keto for over 3 years now. It really struck me how my perception of what food is, and how it has changed over the last three years. Four years ago, when I opened our refrigerator or our cabinets, it was not unlike the people in the movie. Now, when I go through the grocery stores, and even places like Whole Foods, I view those boxed and canned items as packaged food like products. I always try to purchase food, when I purchase it, without labels and containers, as I figure it is closer to the source. It’s amazing how my perception of food has changed, from the marketing, commercial driven perception over three years ago until now. Now, I drive through the country and look at cows and I think. “That looks tasty…”

On a more humorous note, the local AMC theater did not change the marquee for the the theater that we viewed The Magic Pill in. So, the marquee read “Death Wish”. The irony was rich, and we all had a good laugh. Sadly though, most of us that ate the SAD diet for years really did not have a “Death Wish”.

Congratulations on producing such a fine product…That connects so well with audiences…We even had some vegans re-thinking their dietary approach last night.

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Added to Amazon queue.

Might wait until after Jessica Jones Season 2, though.

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Last night’s experience found me wanting to check out the “Death Wish” remake. I enjoyed the original series…

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I watched Magic Pill last night. I rented it on Amazon. It was great and I highly recommend it to someone just starting out or someone that is thinking about going LCHF/Keto. If you’ve listened to all of the 2ketodudes podcasts, you might not find any new information in Magic Pill.
Nina and Dr. Fung were great. I just wish the producers would’ve gave more of an intro/bio on them and their books.
I felt like this documentary leaves you with a sense of hope and that we do have the power to take control of our lives and change it for the better.
I’ve watched other documentaries that make you feel really guilty for your choices and the food corporations have such a hold on everything and there’s almost no hope. Magic Pill is not like that.
I’d really like to see a Magic Pill 2 that follows up with the people to see how they’re doing, and include MORE SCIENCE PLEASE!

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Is now on Netflix.

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IF you still have the link for this magic pill I would be interested?

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Thanks. Finally watched it… One nit pick, did I see at 21.32 or so, a picture of macadamias when they were dissing the seed oils? Otherwise, it really is good, beyond expectations. A real keto who’s who and A-Z.

Now it’s on Netflix, it’s much easier to disseminate to family and friends.


It’s on Netflix now.

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It is on YouTube but not free - trailer and then $3.99 - fair enough, really.

If you can’t get to that, it is probably torrent-able but that is very much at your own risk :flushed:

You can get a free week or so of Netflix to get access, just cancel later.

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I think the point was how hard it is to get oil from different nuts and seeds that also stays shelf stable. Nut oil should really be kept cold. I’m not sure what the process to get oil from a macadamia is either.

I wish I’d found this months ago! Still haven’t finished but, excited about Joe Salatin. He’s my absolute favorite farm person.

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Watched this on Netflix last night for the second time. Highly recommended.

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Yeah I didn’t realize that watched it last night on Netflix! Great documentary. Made me cry with how much it helped the children especially. My friends son is autistic and non verbal. In and out do the hospital from lack of food so I’m going to show her this!