The important role of celery



I meant to put this in humor but am not sure how to move it…

(B Creighton) #3

Methinks that ad wasn’t too successful. LOL

Actually, celery tends to be a heavily sprayed crop, and is now one of the things on my organic buy list, which is not real long. Otherwise, I wouldn’t brush my bum with it…!!!

(Allie) #4

Moved for you.



(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #6

Boy, if ever I needed an reason not to eat celery, this advertisement is it!

(I can appreciate the humour on an intellectual level, but on the visceral level, it just gives me the creeps!)


I got a good laugh out of it. Celery is a go to food for me. If I get a snack attack on, celery with some pink salt is my go to.


Quite horrible but I saw so much worse ads…

I always disliked the taste of celery. Maybe the leaves in a tomato drink (only made by a relative, I never did anything with the leaves) and I can make food from the root part but my tastebuds considered the taste quite agressive.
I even liked parsley better and I didn’t like parsley…
I loved almost all vegs I met but not those.

It’s about fibers? I don’t need them. And if I did, I would have 1000 better ideas but each to their own :slight_smile:


Damn Fracmeister ya found a nasty one and crazy it is a real poster out there back in the day…too funny…ugh