The Fortnite workout

(Frank) #1

So at 46 years young my reflexes with gaming aren’t what they used to be. I still like to play but I do tend to get carried away and end up wasting time much to my wife’s dismay. Anyhoo. I started playing fortnite casually about 3 months ago. Ended up wasting a whole lot of time getting sniped by 12 year olds. So here’s what I do now. Jump from bus right away so lots of heavy competition right away. Get killed rather quickly by said 12 year old. Reset into new match. While it is loading do push ups, crunches, heel touches, cross overs, planks. Whatever until it’s time to jump out of bus. I do this until I literally cannot move. This is usually 6-7 cycles maybe more if I’m playing better and not dying so fast. It’s a great workout and it a good time management tool. Share. Try it.

(Christopher Hodge) #2

First time I’ve heard that idea. May have to try it this evening.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #3

Quite funny considering I spend half the time explaining to my 8 year old that there are 35+ year old men playing this game and are obviously going to kick his arse. NOW I HAVE PROOF. :rofl:

(Frank) #4

I try but they’re just too fast.

(Vladaar Malane) #5

LoL, that is awesome! 12 year old kids would be rolling their eyes everywhere if they knew that.


(Frank) #6

Let them roll their eyes. I know I could out workout most of them.

(Steve Evans) #7

Great way to turn a time waster into a productive activity (for your health!). I tried to play Fortnite with my girls, but have found I enjoy watching “Nick Eh 30” on YouTube more…I know, who would watch some one play rather than play themselves, right? Then I remember the NFL and every other sport! :slight_smile: What blows my mind is that a few of these streamers are making 7 figure (search Forbes ninja Fortnite). Perhaps I’ll do some exercises in-between games while they are catching up on donations and queuing up for the next game.