The First 48 😂

(Wendy Carol Sacrey) #1

Hi all, day 11 of IF, and just finished a 48 hr stretch. My question is should I break it with OMAD, or start back at 16:8? Or somewhere in between. Info…solid keto 6wks, blood glucose stable, 55-60%BF

(Robin) #2

I am guessing you will get a wide variety of answers here. Most people seem to find what works for them… by trial and error or just how they fell in general. Glad to have you on board. You got this.

(Jane) #3


Whatever feels right - just listen to your body as both options are good.

Congrats on the 48 hrs!

(Wendy Carol Sacrey) #4

Thanks. I decided to walk backwards and do 36, 2x24, 2x 20:4, 7x16:8. I’m having so much fun with this