The dreaded leftover avocado

(Karen Parrott) #21

I eat as much as I can and since I’m super lucky in So. Cal, the really murky brown last few bites get added to the compost pile. I can snag avocados cheap since they are grown locally. So lucky!!!

(Full Metal Keto) #22

If I only eat half of it I put the half with the seed in a plastic produce bag with the empty shell on it. Get out all the air you can and twist it up like a loaf of bread in a bag. The next day pop out the seed and scrape the very thin brown layer off if there is any.

(Kristen Ann) #23

Mind blown.

(Kristen Ann) #24

Does that work well?

(Allie) #25

No idea, I’ve not bought fresh avocado since I bought it as frozen is so much easier :joy: