The doubt is gone :)


The best surprise ever ! I have failed in so many diets over last 20 years that I didnt believe in anything …Just lost 20 lbs as a start ! I am so happy , my body is responding ! Thank you for the support , i needed it so much , I am terrified about my health

Success to all ,

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2


(Robin) #3

You go, girl! It’s such a thrill to feel good about yourself again, isn’t it?

(Susan) #4

Congratulations on your 20 pound weight loss on Keto, you look terrific and now you can feel wonderful about your health, not “terrified” anymore.

I wish you all the best in your continuing Keto journey, well done!

(Laurie) #5

Nice photo, lovely smile. Congratulations on 20 pounds gone! So glad it’s working for you.




I am absolutely trilled :slight_smile:
Everything is easier to do , mind is clearer , clothes fit better …walking faster , doing more …even ware a belt ! Its been a long time since I have been that happy …started looking at the mirror again
Thank you for the support


Thank you so much ! I didnt believe in anything any more … This Keto plus IF gig is just wonderful


Thank you kindly ! You all have been wonderful support



I knew my clothes are getting some what more comfortable …My friend commented on my jeans that are too loose :slight_smile: I didnt realize it at all … It was surprise to me for real

Thank you for the good word ,


It is , Dear ! I cant stop smiling , lol …Started spending big chunk of my day talking to friends about insulin resistance and weight gain . Love it



Very wise , indeed :slight_smile: …It took me many years to figure it out


(Jane) #13

You look great!

(Marianne) #14

That’s exactly how I felt when starting. It was terrifying.

I am so thrilled at your success! I just love to hear when people find keto enjoyable and see results. You look fabulous and are well on your way. The longer you are on it, the better you will feel.



Thank you , Lovely Lady :slight_smile: YOu are all so nice to me

(Vic) #16

Gets better than that I too have been on many diets

I could believe I could 86 the nasty lean cuisine, Salads, and diets everything and eat real food good food and lose weight

even now I am in my busy season and not taking as much effort for weight loss staying keto but eating as much as I grab during this time and I am still losing weight much slower, Heck I would be happy just not to gain but I am still losing without effot at all

In the begining it was hard but now its natural I could never say that on any other diet


Thank you for the encouragement , I believe you are right - eating real food ! Hope to get where I want to be eventually

Thank you kindly