The dark theme for the forums is broken


Am I seeing double? They both work at taking me back to the home page. It only showed up a few days ago but hasn’t seemed to resolved itself. Note that it happens to me regardless of what theme I’m using but I always use the dark theme.

If I’m in a thread and scroll down it looks like this:

Finally, this is happening on both desktop and mobile.

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Looks normal to me using Chrome on a Windows computer.

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If it bothers you, try logging out completely (on all your devices) and then logging back in.

“Have you shut down Windows and started it up again?”

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Yep, I noticed this today, too. I have a ton on my plate so I ignored it. FF and Chrome. I’m guessing the “Dark theme” has a bug.


As much as I’d love to pin something else on Windows… It’s the theme. Does it for me too with the dark theme, but not the normal one.


Yep, I noticed it started a couple of days ago. I see I now have no less than four headers on this very page, as I’m typing…

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Alright, @buxomlass, put down the whiskey. :wink: (yea, I see them, too)


I’m more a gin kind of lass myself. :crazy_face:

Tried the logging off-logging on thing; nope, doesn’t help. Looks like a bug with the Dark theme that we’ll just have to live with until the relevant someone notices and fixes it.

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Yeah, it’s been doing it for a few days. Firefox and Chrome. Two and four, as you’ve shown. #annoying

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The top navigation bar does keep disappearing on me which is a pain as the only way to get it back is to scroll right back up to the start of whatever topic I’m reading.

I’m using Safari on iOS.

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How do you like to drink it?

I was beer and red wine only before LCHF. Now I have maybe a 2 - 3 pints of beer a year, and perhaps 8 ounces of red a month, max. I replaced my carbie friends with whiskey and bourbon. I usually have a shot of whiskey or bourbon with a diet soda as my evening drink.

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It seems the folks know about it and the update should be forthcoming.

We now also know who likes the dark theme.


A classic G+T for me. But very rarely - I’ve never been much of a drinker anyway, and even less so now that I’m more conscientiously avoiding unnecessary carbs/energy in liquid form.

Yep, a German-Australian who doesn’t really care for drinking, particularly not wine or beer. (Pls don’t report me… :worried:)

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Using Chrome, not the dark theme, and no mine does not look like your post. Also fine on my iphone’s Discourse app.


Unfortunately I’m still seeing this problem, and while on desktop it’s fine (just a bit ugly), on my phone it’s making the forum a bit harder to use. The malformed logo stops me interacting with my notifications avatar, etc (without doing some weird scrolling magic).

@carl / @richard – sorry to ping but is there some sort of refresh needed on this side? Not sure if it got fixed upstream. Thank you!

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Please fix the dark theme. :sob:

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It’s only been since last year, you know.