The Complete Guide to Diets That Work - Comparison Chart


(Troy) #1

Standing in line at the grocery store
This caught my attention

$14 for this junk
( free to take pics :rofl: )

Not the best of pictures
I was multi tasking In line
Taken one for the Team😓

Ymmv I guess

Oh boy
Check the so called Cons of Keto🙄

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #2

It’s not expensive, morons.

(Laurie) #3

No, it’s not expensive. I don’t have access to cheap food sources or sales, and I spend about $7 a day on food. I used to spend that much just on junk food–plus whatever normal food I ate. I used to eat waaaay more meat/eggs/cheese/fish than I do now, as well as carby foods like pasta, bread, root vegetables, etc., which also cost money.


I really don’t see the expense myself.
My shopping bill has NEVER been less.

I suppose if you were delving into the fancy recipes that some do, it could get more expensive. But I doubt it could rival my pre keto bills!!

(Becca) #5

It’s definitely not expensive. Bought a 3 lb chuck roast last week for $18. Made butter beef in the instant pot. It lasted me for an entire week :woman_facepalming:t4:

(I stand with @juice, say NO to Trolls!) #6

Whole 30 cost us a whole lot more than keto ever did.

Seriously, my wife could not figure out the budget to make Whole 30 work. That’s one of the reasons we stopped.


Having said that, it’s costing me a small fortune in pork scratchings… … … . . oh I love those things :heart_eyes:


I know, I better tell my canned meat I’m switching to ONLY grass fed.