The carnivore and the T2 diabetic

(Vic) #1

Just a real life story from last week.

Going about my day working in my project office, knocking on the door, " enter"

One of our local team members comes in and asks "can I talk to you, I’m worried ", shure, tell me?

“I think you will become a diabetic” he said.

“Ok,tell me, why do you think so?”

“Well. You see, I’m a diabetic” then he goes on “my doctor told me to eat 10 small meals a day and no fat, also very little meat”


" you don’t eat at all during working hours and in the morning and evening you eat huge plates full of fat and meat, that is opposit to doctors recommendations, so you will also get diabetes, maby?"

I said " I was a pre diabetic and very poor heart health, not anymore, I’m cured"

The man stands there puzzeled look in his eyes.

I continued: “your logic is good, you’rr smart, your doctor on the other hand is a complete idiot”.

He replied “but I can eat anything I want, just not big meals and no meat, is that wrong?”.

I said, " yes, its completely wrong, the last thing you should eat is shugar, your doctor should know that"

Further in the conversation I told him a few basics on keto and gave him a printout of a Keto food piramid.

He now embraced the keto woe.

Maybe I’ve inspired someone to a better quality of life?

It feels right


wonderful post Vic!

and I love your approach, you ‘walk people’ right into the correct path and they do that themselves, you just give the big good zingers when they are needed in a conversation. I like that!

AND THE INFO on nutrition out there from Drs is negligent to say the least! I think it is ‘almost a criminal’ act against a person cause in truth, one who is diabletic and a Dr says just eat ‘little this and that’ and never shows what sugar intake does to the body and more should be brought up on charges cause point blank everyone knows (well do we now?) that sugar intake and diabetes are linked fast and hard. (and don’t we rely on this authority with years of training to KNOW this in their expert opinion and guidance?) of course we expect truths and we should get them! I don’t understand why most Drs have not come under bitter attack for what is happening out there on this nutritional info? Someone has to go after these frauds in court! OK…rant over on that part!!

omg you were kind, idiot :slight_smile: I woulda used harsher words than that HA

great post!

and don’t think I ain’t learning from your kind, easy going approach. I am one of those more hyper types, but when I read what you have to say and how it goes down, yes my eyes are open to that :wink: You might be changing me a bit as you change others :shushing_face:

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #3

The notion that beef causes diabetes has been around for a while. It is based on some pretty wacky “science” and is easy to demolish. Anyone with an ounce of sense understands that the human race evolved eating meat, so meat can’t possibly be the cause of health problems. Something new to the diet, such as cheap refined sugar? Sure it could cause problems for many people. (Gout used to be known as a disease of the rich, back in the days when refining sugar was labour-intensive and therefore very expensive. Many people started developing it after sugar became cheap in the mid-nineteenth century.)


agree Paul but IN THIS TIME now do you think a Dr not addressing to a patient the entire ‘table sugar/fructose/glucose/lactose/fake sweeteners’ is truly something ‘that isn’t truly’ out there NOW?

I mean…we can dismiss over and over from ‘our experts’ til the day we die, and OH yea that expert can put our butts in the grave just as fast as any other situation/expert info we rely on when it is OH SO wrong.

pet peeve thing with me kinda. I am so over ‘the experts’ and their BS that is making more sick and miserable. Some cold hard sugar facts need to be spoken by the Docs to people and stop fluffing around on it.
I don’t know…will go on forever I actually think :slight_smile: give it a big sigh.

the Doc you run into will direct your health. Hope everyone gets a ‘smart one’ is best we truly can do and hope for!

(Vic) #5

The ancient Egyptian civilization already had serious problems with most metabolic syndrome llnesses, cvd among them.

This suggests that refined granes (bread) are at least as bad a refined shugar.

The metabolic problem is more then 5000years old


I so totally agree… Wow. That is shockingly insane advice even from some women’s magazine and they can be really horrible if it’s about food…
The doctors seems to know nothing about essential nutrients and causes of diabetes (I properly know little too but I am pretty sure meat isn’t one… would make no sense). If poor person doesn’t eat super high carbs, maybe they can eat a big enough meal to get satiated sometimes… 10 meals without fat. Hardcore corner in my room 101 and I can’t be alone with that.


agree to the fullest.

it is the old thinking of ‘feed the royalty the good stuff’ and keep the ‘peasants/workers’ lower in health to comply’ and never rebel against the authority.

work all day and give them homemade beer and grain…works for some to keep others in line for sure :wink:

no diff. than today truly, humans are crafty suckers on ‘controlling’ the populations they want controlled ‘for their own good’

yes this is me and my conspiracy stuff which is backed by cold hard facts LOL