The belt I have on today - a visual representation

(Bob M) #1

(Robin) #2

Awesome. Better than charts and graphs!

(Bob M) #3

Since I gave up the scale, the only thing I use are clothes, belts, and my wedding ring. Right now, I have on my “thinnest” 34 inch waist pants, which I also wore pre-The Croissant Diet.

Looking back, The Croissant Diet may not have been the best idea. :wink: I might be in my goal pants (32 waist by 32 length) by now had I not tried that. Oh well, live and learn.

(Shannon) #4

Love this picture. I’m on the 2nd to last notch on my belt, started at the 2nd notch initially, which means I moved 4 notches since March of this year. Thinking of getting a new belt.

If only The Croissant Diet actually worked, that’s my dream food.


I have no belt but I have different sized pants. I bought one maybe 20 years ago being sure that one day I will be able to wear it. Cute colorful punk stuff. If I will be 56 years old, so be it.
(I am heavier than when I first went keto several years ago so things didn’t go so well until now. But I am stubborn and actually have a good idea what to do now :slight_smile: )

The Croissant Diet always sounded crazy to me. I eat way better things, thankfully. (Okay, some items are nice. I still have way better food.)

But who on Earth did ever think that such a diet would work? Okay, I am sure it easily works for some. But HCHF is overeating to me and I suppose I am not alone.
I started to read about what this craziness is and I just don’t get why would a ton of fat, starches and protein resulted in fat-loss… Oh well. Maybe it’s satiating for some :slight_smile:
I never played with the type of fat as I just can’t, I inevitably eat very much saturated and very much unsaturated fat on each and every diet I am able to do. I can’t just take out one kind.

By the way why I have read eggs are fine when they are rich in unsaturated fat? Or eggs are special? I know they are, their carbs don’t matter either :slight_smile: (Or the creators didn’t count with people eating many eggs a day. IDK.)

Oh my it’s crazy, the guy goes about what his individual body did, my SO is horrified :smiley:

But it’s behind you :slight_smile: You just mention it a lot, it must have made a big impact.
Grats for the -4 holes in your belt :slight_smile: That’s a big distance looking at the pic! No idea how much you had to lose though.

(Robin) #6

Just putting on ~a belt meant I had lost weight. Before, I wore elastic waists, even my jeans.
Once I break out the belt, I feel pretty sassy! And every notch is a celebration. I need to buy a new and smaller belt now or punch more holes in this one. Yeah… super sassy now.

I also just realized over thanksgiving (that’s how often I cook) that I have to tie my apron strings around my waist twice. I can remember when I could only pull it to the front and make a tight little knot.


Crazy BELT chats from the guys but all doing so well on their ‘BELT tales’ for sure. More power to ya ctv! been doing alot of reading of the Belt Tales which is wild and wooly but fab the Belt shows great results!!

us gals ain’t wearing alotta belts are we HAHA


I always used belts for some pants (but it’s comfier without). For some weird reasons, my SO’s Mom STILL wants to gift me old pants that she can’t use anymore. But she had a way bigger waist decades ago than I had ever so it usually doesn’t work so well. Especially since I lost some weight and that was 11 years ago but she doesn’t learn…
Maybe if I slim down.