The Bear


(Genevieve Biggs) #1

If you are trying Zero Carb January to see if you would like to execute ZC on a long term basis, then you must read from The Bear. Owsley Stanley was a sound engineer with the Grateful Dead (thus the name “Bear”), and he ate no plant foods from the 1958 until he died in 2011 (Car accident, not any modern disease). He wrote on a low-carb forum in 2006 to discuss his experience on the zero carb, all meat protocol.

If you want to know the reasons behind Zero Carb, and are considering it as a lifetime decision, this is a must read.

Here is the short, compiled version:

Here is the long, 137 page version. The Bear.pdf (715.7 KB)

I cannot recommend this highly enough. This guy knows his stuff. Seriously.


I was reading through the PDF last night and other materials. He did get a cancerous tumor on the side if his neck. About 8 years ago. Possibly from his use of recreational drugs usage. He admitted he used them a lot.

(Genevieve Biggs) #3

Yes, he says it was the kind that doesn’t feed on sugar, so even eating carb free wouldn’t prevent it. Even the doctors said it was an anomaly. It probably was due to drugs, not diet.

(Alex Dipego) #4

Honestly enjoying this woe and thinking it could be a life long thing.

I think if I can do this for a couple months I may make the complete move to it. I’ll want to test my bloodwork before stopping it to see if I’m balanced internally or not.

This will be a fun 3 months.

(Edith) #5

I found this old thread, if anyone interested in carnivore would like to read the link in the original post.