Thanksgiving - alternative to turkey

(Marianne) #1

It’s just my husband, sister and me for Thanksgiving. I’m going to try a capon. I detest turkey.

Maybe not - just looked on our local grocery store website - $47.92 for eight lbs.!!! :pleading_face::dizzy_face:


whoat that is a high price YIKES

I am not a turkey fan either

I am doing crab and steak. I gotta say so much great meat like a standing prime rib roast will be cheaper than those birds :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hard tho with prices going batshi** crazy now but SO MANY great options to eat truly but in the end, ANY meal with family all having a great time and enjoying each other over ANY plate of good food is a great thing :wink:

always make the focus the fun and family and great times, the meal, as much as we ‘want perfection’ or some ‘big change’ really gets cancelled in a way IF we love eating it with some laughs and more. Celebrate the season, not the plate

(Marianne) #3

So true. I may just do a roaster or even chuck roast with “gravy” - delicious! Do you ever make gravy? What do you substitute for the flour?

(Bob M) #4

I like goose, but that’s also very expensive (and lacks meat). I also like duck, but those are a bit pricey too.

Where I live the cheapest meats are ham. But we can never use these, due to we have someone who does not eat pork at our lunch/dinner.


no gravy any more other than natural fat and scrapings from the bottom of the pan.

any ‘gravy’ I tried for any reason gave me a bathroom issue I don’t wanna repeat HAHA

I so loved ‘gravy’ but now I just inhale all off the bottom of any pan I oven in and find that to be ok on the guts.

See my time now is I don’t require gravy on anything :slight_smile: but we are at diff. levels of what we think or know or how good can we make a gravy…but most will do juices/bits in bottom of pan and just add a tad of heavy whipping cream and ‘make that gravy’ so that is making a creamy au jus issue for most. Keep dairy as your thickener and just add a tad and just ‘eat a tad’ over that already juicy meat, but yea gravy is a darn comfort food, I get that :slight_smile:

(Take time to smell the bacon) #6

Turkey is traditional in the U.S., because of the story about the colonists at Plymouth, but surely there is no reason not to have roast beef, pork, ham, duck, goose, . . . :grin:

(Bob M) #7

I also think that turkeys are around at this time. Or at least I seem them quite often around now, driving in CT.


I made this last night and it is the best thing I’ve eaten in a while. I told my son I was going to make it for Thanksgiving instead of turkey because I’m not a fan either. Ignore the potatoes. The carbs in the corn starch weren’t horrible (3.5 g per serving) but you could skip the gravy too if the corn starch bothers you.


Not sure if it’s helpful, but for making gravy (Which I also don’t do much) I just use either Beef Broth, or Chicken Broth & just add some Glucomannan to thicken. … I just happened to make some today, since we decided to get some sliced Roast Beef, and thought the Wife would like to have some to put in her 647 bread for something different. Doesn’t take much, and does pretty well as a thickener.

(Marianne) #10

Yes, I’ll do that - add HWC for a special treat. Whenever I use my cast iron skillet (probably 5x/wk.), I add a little water to the pan bits, a big dollop of bacon grease, reduce and pour that over whatever we are eating. Delicious.

(Laurie) #11

My octagenarian neighbor had a dozen people over for Thanksgiving. She bought a bunch of rotisserie chickens from the supermarket and cut them up. Everyone was happy.

Where I live, ham is considered an appropriate holiday meat.

When I was a child, none of us liked turkey, and we convinced our mother to make fish and chips (which we loved) for Christmas.

My Spanish friend served thinly sliced prosciutto with fresh pineapple.

Have whatever you want! Do you (or your husband or sister) have a favorite meat? The roast pork sounds good.

(Marianne) #12

If I were hosting and served something besides turkey, I’d be run out of town because it’s so embedded in the culture. Pre-keto, I used to eat all the carby sides and no turkey. On keto, I ate only turkey, my cole slaw (just mayo, spices and vinegar), and steamed brussels sprouts. Turkey is so dry, it’s almost a choking hazzard! :laughing:

(Marianne) #13

Pork is our favorite meat, although I never do tenderloin. I could make this and serve with a sauce from the pan bits, bacon grease and HWC. We’d probably eat a whole tenderloin between the two of us. Not hard to do when you’re carnivore.

(Marianne) #14

Is that like that stuff that is slimy when wet? For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it, but I bought a bag when I first started keto. Whenever I’d add it to liquid, it would clump up and was disgusting. I finally threw it out.

(Marianne) #15

Yes, I’d say pork is our favorite (thankfully, because it’s very economical), but beef is a treat, too. Luckily, we are satisfied with the cheaper cuts and find them just as delicious. The way beef is now, you can’t even touch strip steak, which IMO, isn’t a real high end cut.


It’s not bad, but if not added slowly, it can clump up some. But I also run mine through a screen to remove any that might form, and it’s good afterwards. … I’ve tried mixing in cold liquid first too, but it seems to thicken that way too. So just sprinkle in and stir, and again remove any clumping before use.

We use it for any hot liquids and it seems to do the job well… I’ve have tried some others that didn’t do well and gave that ‘jelly’ feel I don’t like. Can’t recall which ones, but there was a few I tried before this.


I’m planning on doing Steak myself… Turkey’s ok, but also not a big fan. And when doesn’t Steak work?

(UsedToBeT2D) #18

Xanthan gum

(Marianne) #19


If you get any on your hands and then go to wash it off, it’s totally slimy.


Yeah, I tried Xanthan Gum a while back too, but didn’t like it at all. The entire batch felt like it was jelly-ish. Do not think we ever used it after trying a couple times. But the Glucomannan seems to work well so we stuck with it. Have used it in a few different things, mostly gravy, but also sauces for other meals