Thanksgiving - alternative to turkey

(Take time to smell the bacon) #21

The secret to using xanthan gum is to use far, far less than you would of any other thickener. I tried making gravy once with my usual heaping teaspoonful, and boy, did it taste awful! I recently learned that I should have used only a quarter-teaspoon.

(Ed) #22

Goose is nice! As you say, it is on expensive side and best to go for bigger one too. Thing I love the most is how much fat it has :slight_smile: really nice!

(Marianne) #23

I’ll have to look that up. Nice to have a thickening alternative.

(Bob M) #24

That is true. If you roast a goose, you’ll get a ton of goose fat, which you can skim off and keep.

Same with duck, which has a lot of fat.

We’re going to have 15 (or 16?) people for Thanksgiving. It’s cost prohibitive to make duck or goose for that many people.

If it was just our family of 4, I’d consider a goose. It’s basically all dark meat.

(Fran adkins) #25

Ouch…I couldn’t afford that. Glad I like turkey.

(Edith) #26

Last year we did Cornish game hens, one per person.