Thanks Richard

(Splotchy) #1

Just wanted to let @Richard know how grateful I am for his work with Carl on ketodudes, particularly when he explains the science. His interviews are great and I love his relaxed humour. The podcasts have been part of changing my life and making me healthier and it’s all spreading out to family and friends. I’m looking forward to when he’s eventually Dr Morris and authoritively kicks ass at ketofests in the direction of the HCLF charlatans. I honestly believe he has saved lives! Please continue to share the science and the recipes whenever you can Richard, and very best wishes with your ongoing studies :smile:

(Gail P) #2

After listening to the podcast today - the Holiday Hangout 2018 - I too feel the need to say, “Thanks, Richard! Your work is much appreciated.” You education has already enriched the podcast, and I look forward to learning more. What a great word picture: Dr. Morris at future ketofests.

I understand entirely about needing time for classwork. A few months after I started keto, I enrolled at the local community college to put my extra brain power and energy to work. At first I wasn’t sure I was up to it mentally, but found 2 classes were really no problem, and gave me time to be a much better student, so I’ve stuck to it. Oh, yeah, I’ll be 63 on my next birthday. It tickles me to think I could have almost 20 years as an Accountant, and then take up painting in the style of Grandma Moses.

I’m also really pleased to find out what happened to Carrie Brown, and where I can find her in the months to come!


Yes, from me too, many many thanks for your great generous sharing spirits and your very valuable intelligence.

(Richard Morris) #4

Thanks everyone (@Splotchy, @nosenabook, @Matrika) much appreciated.

(Cathy) #5

Good luck Richard with your endeavours (sure you will be hugely successful). Podcast is not the same without you. I am sure I will adapt but…

(Splotchy) #6

Just to say, although I appreciate Carl & Carrie and their ongoing dedication to the podcast, I really miss the science musings, the Aussie-style humour and the wit/wisdom of @richard.

Plus I enjoyed hearing on the podcast about @richard & @carl’s personal progress and their n=1 tweaks on keto. Would be great to have an update on biomarkers/weight/ratios if that’s not too personal - partly out of nosiness, but also because your chat about progress, both highs and lows, has been motivating at a very practical, realistic level, and helps with the KCKO.

Anyhoo, I do hope the studies are going well. Have you thought of using your learning/experience to write a book: “KCKO and Show Me The Science”, full of musing/theory on all the experiences and NSV of keto gleaned from your own experiences and those of people you’ve interviewed or have posted? I reckon it would sell!