Testing enhanced fat burn with raw whole ginger root

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This would probably make sense for men, but a woman would need at least a month baseline. Which is one reason there aren’t more studies on women’s health. It’s just too complicated. I heard someone smart lamenting about this on YouTube… I want to say Noakes?

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Women always gotta be more complicated. :wink:

If I were doing this in a lab, with unlimited funding, we’d give everyone a month to baseline at an iso-caloric, iso-macro intake. Then add whatever level of ginger intervention we wanted.

For the individual at home, this might be excessive, but for the pre-change woman, yeah, probably need at least a month to baseline… sorry.

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Drinking some Gin and Juice😄
I mean a ginger root juice shot

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Notice in the research they are using two types of ginger; one from raw ginger extracted under high hydrostatic pressure (HPG e.g. much like cold pressed) and the other way is from hot water extraction (WEG) with a high fat diet (HF).

HF + HPG seems to shrink them even more?

That is fascinating! :face_with_monocle:

What can inhibit lipolysis besides insulin

How do you feel about ginger essential oils? Would you still get the same benefits? My friend is in Doterra and she was telling me about essential oils…

I’m asking because i’m jumping on board the ginger train :slight_smile:


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Normally, I’ll get it with cayenne pepper option
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With my mind on my “health-ey” and my “health-ey” on my mind…

So it’s just minced ginger and and an occasional cayenne kick?

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It’s Extracted Juice from the root
Some of the awesome options
Lemon, turmeric, orange, sometimes a cherry too
Honey or pineapple ( not for me though )
Mix and match

Or w cayenne like this:

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How do we feel about ginger essential oil?


Sooo…two months later…

I have to admit, I own no testing equipment and not likely to.

However, have been eating between 10 & 15 g of raw ginger since your post in April. And for the last week I have woken up hungry. Like where’s my breakfast kind of hungry. Which is entirely new since I have been easily on a 18/6 eating pattern starting about week 2 of Keto.

Skipped the ginger one night - not hungry next morning. Ate the ginger next night, really hungry for breakfast.

Totally lacking in scientific data, but appears to be an interesting correlation.

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Thanks. I have suggested to others that one way to test informally is just that. The premise is that if indeed ginger root accelerates metabolism then one might indeed experience morning hunger when in the absence of eating ginger root one usually does not.

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I want to update what I’m currently doing with this, which is not much. However, I began again about a week or 10 days ago to eat raw ginger root in the evenings about an hour before bedtime. Not every night, but most nights.

After the first couple of days I started waking up in the morning feeling hungry! After waking up in hunger, at least my version of it, for about a week I figured I was probably losing weight so I decided to weigh in this morning. 141 pounds. For the past week my BrAce has been trending up as well. For the past couple of days it has not gone below 20ppm and maxed at 45ppm. So again I have informal evidence for the efficacy of ginger root accelerating fat burn.

Not sure when I’ll do a more formal test. I want to continue eating the ginger root, but I don’t want to lose more weight right now. So today I upped my daily calories from 2700 to 2800. I’m keeping my protein at 90 grams per day, so changing the calories necessitated changing my fat:protein macros a little.

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What is BrAce

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…Breath Acetone Concentration (BrAce)

Measuring breath acetone for monitoring fat loss: Review

A scathing review by Richard Nikoley:

”…Here’s one of the papers Anderson reviewed (below) showing clearly that one can be fully in ketosis on a high-carbohydrate diet, provided calories are sufficiently restricted. …” …More

Note: important distinction to be made; higher carbohydrate diet vs. junk food?

Following these studies, Kundu et al. performed a confirmative study (full text). BrAce was measured in humans (n = 58) on a 30 day calorie restriction diet 8. Initial body weights were 10‐30% over the ideal weight (a body mass index, BMI, range of 27.5‐32.5 with ideal BMI = 25 kg m−2). The composition of the diet was high carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low fat. Breath samples, collected upon awakening, sampled the first 380ml of exhaled breath after a 5 s breath hold. On average, BrAce increased over the first 8 days and reached a relative stable plateau after day 7. Fat loss (g day−1) increased with the average BrAce after day 7. Fat loss and BrAce were greater for experimental subjects than controls. Maintaining a BrAce= 85 nM (∼2.1 ppm) corresponded to a fat loss of 227 g week−1 (0.5 lbs week−1). [emphasis added] …More


“And…“ just rollin down the street —-laid back “

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