Ten years younger? Really?

(Larry Lustig) #1

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I had what I think is a reasonably typical keto experience.

I took a couple of months to acclimate to the change in eating habits during which I didn’t lose too much weight (but already felt a lot better getting out of bed in the morning).

Then, I lost a lot of weight in a few months, but no one said anything to me. Until I bought new clothes that fit properly (which I had to do twice since I was still losing). And -> then <- people noticed the weight loss.

After that, I plateaued weight-wise although I’m still very slowly losing some fractional inches around my waist. Some people – both people I see weekly and people I haven’t seen since I started eating ketogenically, are still just catching up with the weight loss.

But this week two people, in different places at different times, have told me I look “a decade younger”. It was striking to hear the same phrase from two different people. Mind you, I don’t believe them – I don’t think I look a day younger than before – but it was nice to hear anyway.

Update: One of the people who told me I looked so much younger was one of the guys I play an occasional game of poker with. I happened to be having a drink with him and the other guys a week later and noticed he ordered a burger, no bun, and was drinking bourbon instead of beer. Turns out that since our conversation the previous week he had not eaten a carbohydrate!

(Meeping up the Science!) #2

That’s wonderful, Larry! It’s a huge thing to be in good health, and that is reflected in our age. I saw a client for the first time several weeks ago. When I saw her I thought she was in her 60s. It turns out she was 7 years older than me only! I was shocked.

Health makes such a huge difference in terms of age - biological age and appearance count for a lot in terms of it, I think.

(Larry Lustig) #3

I saw a demo last week of software that will allow insurance companies to underwrite policies based solely on a photograph of the insured’s face. You can get all kinds of information – including diagnosing diabetes – just from the photograph.

(Richard Morris) #4

Love that. It’s fascinating how when we model the change we want to see in other people they latch on.

(joievawter) #5

That is insane! No one cares about the whole picture anymore. I gotta say I am thankful for the hgh boost we get from the keto woe!

(joievawter) #6

The hgh boost we get with the keto woe & fasting is amazing. I bet you probably do look much younger! I know I tend to look much younger than my non-keto peers (even with my silver hair). :wink:

(Marie ) #7

I find that my posture, attitude (to life, everything) and physical and mental well being also changes on keto. These things give me an extra spring in my step. Perhaps this has happened to you too and people are noticing? :+1:

(joievawter) #8

Definitely! Feels amazing, right?!?!!