Tell me what to have for dinner


(Little Miss Scare-All) #1

Normally, I eat very clean Keto. Majority is whole foods, unprocessed, no artificial sweeteners. I’ve cut some cheese (wah wah wahhhhhhhh) out of there because it was bogging my energy down.

But tonight, I want to have something tasty, perhapsedly cheese-laden, maybe mimicking something that we enjoy that’s carby, except not at all. Above all, it has to be easy-ish. I can’t slow cook it because it’s for tonight. I’m OMAD so it can be up to 20g of carbs (preferably total carbs).

Also, I’ve grown to not like bacon. So I really don’t want much or any of it in there, but if the idea is really great, I can be swayed.

All opinions/suggestions welcome.

(Roxanne) #2

Fajita or taco lettuce wraps…brown some ground beef or left over chicken, or whatever, add in sliced peppers and onions (or not), add some taco seasoning (google recipe mixes), maybe add some salsa. Spoon into a romaine lettuce leaf, top with lots of cheese, sour cream and avocado, hot peppers if that’s your thing, and devour. For some reason, having it in a lettuce leaf, instead of on top of shredded lettuce, makes it feel more decadent.


Pork rind crumbed chicken parma :yum:


look up recipes for keto mac & cheese using cauliflower!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #5

That’s close to one of my ideas banging around in my skull.

Question: I’m not a big fan of pork rinds just plain eaten out of the bag. Does using them as breadcrumb (plus me adding like an entire cup of parm cheese) make them taste differently than just snacking on them?


They’re not so overpoweringly porky when combined with the other flavours I guess but you do get a bit of a bacon hit. Goes well with the tomato/cheese situation though :slightly_smiling_face:

(Cindy) #7

I might do this for dinner! I don’t have any avo, but there’s an unopened sour cream. It does feel decadent, after years of low fat, to use the cheese and sour cream. :slight_smile:


We had chicken patties made with a little onion and parmesan, and mashed cabbage(it is so much tastier than cauliflower mash) with parmesan and buuter. I also made some cream sauce. Cabbage do contain carb, so I weigh it.

Here is a recipe for mashed cabbage.

The patties I made of ground 2lbs chicken,2 egg, 2tsp salt, some pepper and one tbsp of pofiber (potatofiber, not starch) and a good amount of parmesan.

(Kimberly) #9

If you’re not down for the pork rinds, you can also do a quick/easy dredge in melted butter, then grated parm. Still comes out golden, crispy and delicious.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #10

So I think I’m giving the pork rind “breadcrumbs” a go, at a great suggestion.

I went over lunch break to buy my components. I think I’m going to do the chicken cutlets, and dip them in a pan sauce of lightly reduced butter/heavy cream, in the pan the cutlets were fried in, and onions/peppers were sauteed in. Fatty, fatassy goodness.

(Teri) #11

I’m making some crab cakes tonight. I mix in ground pork rinds, minced onion, chia seeds, mayo, eggs, lemon juice and some lemon pepper. Sorry, I never measure anything. My family loves these! I’m roasting some Brussels sprouts in the oven. Yummy!

('Jackie P') #12

Cauliflower cheese?
Try this, cook some pancetta until really crispy and put it in a mini processor, or whatever, and blitz to crumbs. Sprinkle over the top!
Might get you back into bacon!

(Mollyann Hesser) #13

I don’t like pork rinds either, so I use almond flour with parmesan cheese, italian seasoning and garlic mixed in. It makes an amazingly crispy crust.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #14

Big gigantic lettuce based taco salad: ground beef, salsa, cheese, sour cream, cilantro and jalapeno peppers!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #15

So, I ended up with this. Grinded pork rinds and added an ugodly amount of pecorino romano to them, with some garlic and onion powder. Fried them in olive oil.

First batch on a paperplate #keepitclassy

I sauteed up some colors

Then I made them into a cream sauce on the side for dippies. I’m a hardcore dipper. Heavy cream, butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, pinch of nutmeg.

It’s pretty lit. Came out really, REALLY good. Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions. I have them stored in my cranium!

(traci simpson) #16

Fried some chicken with pork rinds and Parmis on cheese in the oven, it was so good.

(Linda Kaufman) #17

And what if you need to get in the evening? I don’t like to eat heavy food in the evening.

(traci simpson) #18

Some eat their last meals before 5pm

(Mollyann Hesser) #19

Love the cream sauce idea!