Teeth discoloring

(Vic) #1

I have 2 kinds of teeth, real ones, fake ones.
Lost about half of them in accidents,a bit of a wild life.

I clean them ones a day with toothpaste and an electric brush.

Every 6mnd to the dentist for plack removal and inspection.

Yesterday at the dentist she asked me if I smoke. She notest a few times now that my real teeth become darker as fast as with smokers.
Not a big deal, her tools can fix what my electric brush can’t.

The only thing I changed the last 3 years is my WOE.

Could it be a carnivore issue?


No direct answer, but try Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste. Not as gritty as what the dentist uses when they polish you but scrubs your teeth CLEAN just by normal brushing. When you pair it with their whiting powder it’s just as good. I just had my first check-up / cleaning in about 15yrs and the hygienist said my teeth looked like they were up to date on cleanings.


Not carnivore.

It is a natural situation for most. Of course smoking, coffee etc doesn’t help but here is some info about it:

from the net: Teeth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors. Most commonly, tooth darkening occurs as a natural effect of aging. As we get older, the outer hard tissue covering our teeth, called enamel, wears away and exposes the darker dentin beneath it. This can cause our teeth to appear more gray or yellow rather than white.

Remember too alot of people now have veneers etc. and their teeth will never discolor so their teeth will have that pearly white look…but real natural teeth are gonna change as we age…nothing we can do about that, oh wait, yes, we can veneer them LOL

A little surprised your dentist kinda didn’t give you a real life aging factor and how our teeth do change but also…when your teeth looked darker against your fake tooth in their, then it caught her attention and she asked about smoking…I get that.

I have a few fake ones and one of them is one of my very front tooth that I murdered on a ski trip LOL and got a fake one. My ‘real front tooth’ is a tad darker than the fake one for sure now but also, the fake one has that ‘darker black’ coloring going around the gum line…and I asked my dentist and he said it was just the fake tooth and the normal aging of the cement etc that anchors that tooth in there and more goobly gook he said on it…but he said only way to fix it is pull the fake tooth, fit out a new one, and just put in a new one and I am like, damn…the cost of that? ugh, so I am just living with it and forgetting it for now

(Scott) #4

I had a similar comment on my last 6 months visit. I have been carnivore for one year now and she was asking if I drank instant coffee or is anything different? I told her I eat meat, drink regular coffee and red wine. Other than that it is water. She added that it was coming off pretty easy.


It’s probably just the natural aging of your teeth. Once a day brush with baking soda (and hydrogen peroxide, if you like), which will get rid of any stains.

(Vic) #6

Exactly that Scott, I’m not alone I see.

May it be not eating acidic fruit that etches it away?

(Bob M) #7

I learned that I could no longer use my previous regimen. I used to swish with mouth cleaner/mouthwash (sometimes several types), fluoride toothpaste, multiple flossing per day. I gave up ALL of that, and now use a “natural” whitening toothpaste, with no fluoride, and that’s it. Sometimes, maybe a few times per WEEK at most, I floss.

I think a lot of what we used to use when we were super high carb, just doesn’t work when not. I postulate the “normal” mouthwash and toothpaste kill the beneficial bacteria we’ve set up.

I’m not carnivore, close though. But I had the same issues: “staining” of my teeth. Those are gone now.

(Vic) #8

That makes sense, going to go that way, thnx

Finding natural toothpaste may be a challange here?

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #9

You could always use the old-fashioned remedy: a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Tastes terrible but does clean the teeth!

(Bob M) #10

Where are you? I can find plenty in CT, USA. I can find this locally, though sometimes I order from Amazon:

(Bob M) #11

By the way, I also have a charcoal toothpaste. I use that sometimes at work. It’s just weird brushing your teeth with black toothpaste. It’s called MyMagicMud, and I got it locally at a drug store.

(Vic) #12

Belgium, Europe.
Went for a 8mls walk yesterday to find some in the local shops, nothing, only fluoride.
Getting some online today, plenty of options in online stores. :+1: