Tea Expert Needed

(Jeannie Oliver) #41

No. There is no limit. The more, the better. However if caffeine keeps you awake at night you may want to stick to caffeine-free herbal tea in the late afternoon and evening.

I had to give up coffee a few years ago (stomach problems), and now I am a dyed in the wool tea sipper.

The bitterness of black tea depends on how long it’s brewed as well as the brand and type of tea. Lipton is awful. I mostly drink Twinings English Breakfast as my daily morning drink, with a dab of heavy cream.

I am also fond of Earl Grey, a black tea with the herb bergamot added–it’s an acquired taste, but one that is best without sweetener or milk. The amount of bergamot varies by brand. Again, Twinings is my favorite, but the one served at Starbucks is nice too (Republic of Tea, I think). If you try it at Starbucks, get it plain–not the hideous “London Fog” mixture.

I am also very fond of cardamom tea, which is black tea with a hint of the spice added. I frequently buy it at an ethnic grocery store in my neighborhood. It goes down very nicely without any sweetener added. Good with or without cream. I was recently gifted a case from Amazon.

Another good black tea that is best without sweeteners is Bigalow’s Constant Comment–it has orange zest and spices, and I believe it’s carb free.

The fancy tea shops offer a good opportunity to try a tea without committing to a large package. However they tend to be pricey and a bit too esoteric for my taste.

You will find that the world of tea knowledge and variety is somewhat like the world of wine, including the snobbery. That said, here is a bit of advice from a dedicated drinker and caffeine addict:

  1. For black tea, use water that is truly boiling for the best flavor with less bitterness. Pour the water over a teabag or into a teapot with loose tea leaves. A nice touch is to preheat the cup or teapot with hot water beforehand. Use a cup of water with a teabag in it cooked in a microwave only if you are truly desperate.
  2. Loose leaves vs tea bags is a lot of ado about nothing, in my opinion.
  3. NEVER drink tea (or any other hot beverage) from a Styrofoam cup, unless you want a mouthful of toxic chemicals that will damage your liver.
  4. Green tea compares to black tea as decaff coffee compares to French Roast–a mere shadow of the real thing IMHO.

Enough rambling. Enjoy discovering your favorite.

(Jay Patten) #42

Jeannie, wow, thank you! Great tips! I’m going to have to explore some tea this weekend! I keep hearing a lot about that Earl Grey tea.

(Jay Patten) #43


I finally made my own cold-brew green tea at home and it was MUCH more tolerable than the store bought stuff. Just not sure how much caffine it really has… :sleeping:


Here’s a rough guide to the amount of caffeine in various teas, compared to a cup of coffee:


THIS link has the actual numbers:

(Steven) #45

I only buy Stash Tea and I get it off of Amazon, as the cost is very cheap when buying 100 bags at a time. I was using the black double chai, but as my weight loss kept going, it started giving me a headache and raising my blood pressure too high. It is good and strong, and will get you going in the morning. Lots of caffeine.

So, I now use the Vanilla Chai decaf. and the Premium Green Decaf. I also use the organic White Tea with mint. Very good, and still has a bit of caffeine.

I try and drink a couple cups of each one each week, as the white, green and black teas are good for you. I also use two tea bags in each cup, as I do not like weak tea. Maybe flavor it with some heavy whipping cream. I also like to put a tablespoon of LevelUp MCT Pure C-8 oil as well.

Hope this helps…

(Jay Patten) #46

Oh, nuts… green tea is weak compared to coffee!

(Steve) #47

Heh…that’s fine. You just need it to tide you over…string you along (and avoid caffeine withdrawal) :slight_smile:
Plus it’s really good for you.
goes to make a mug :slight_smile:

(Jay Patten) #48

I have read that it has great health benefits.

(Miranda ) #49

Bigelow teas do have “natural flavors” which I’ve heard can spike insulin…is that true?

(Jay AM) #50

Anything you ingest, even non caloric items, have the potential to spike insulin. Whether it’s the natural flavors, sweetener used, or the tea itself. Does that concern me? Not really. I’m not drinking a gallon a day or anything.

(Jay Patten) #51

Oh, I’m not gonna lie…

I gave up completely on trying to find tea that I like.

I just drink black coffee now.


I’m not English, but have experimented for years to find a really good tea for me, and I have settled on Yorkshire tea (red box) - it’s slightly less bitter to me than Yorkshire Gold (also excellent). Also found on Amazon. I prefer loose to tea bags - I can make it rather weak this way, which I prefer.

I love the stuff - best I’ve had. Good, clear hot water (bottled if your tap water has lots of minerals), loose tea in a fine tea filter, brew a short time, and Voila! a really, really good hot drink.