Tea Expert Needed


Hunnie has a lot of fruity ones from David’s. They smell even more awesome than they taste LOL. I think a lot of ours have 1 carb per cup which isn’t bad…unless you drink 6 or 7 cups a day…which I easily could. :wink:

(Susan) #22

the lemon kinda puckered me too, but I’m not English so I’m glad to see an expect weighing in!

English Breakfast with cream is my go-to when I’ve avoided coffee. Cold brewing my coffee took care of the acid problem though.
@Brunneria I will have a cup or two (in china) just for you :slight_smile:

(Jay Patten) #23

This is all wonderful information, thank you!!!


I’ve never had lemon in my tea. The thought doesn’t really appeal. Perhaps I should try it; maybe I’m missing something?
I do drink club soda with a lemon wedge and also hot water with a lemon wedge LOL.


Tea brewing is an art :ok_hand:


(Susan) #26

If we talk Iced tea ~ I’ve put all sorts of fruit and fruit flavors in my iced tea… Not sure why I see hot tea as something totally different. I think hot tea is more of ritual for me, with the brewing and the scents and savoring the flavors.

(Sondra Rose) #27

My parents are English and I grew up with strong black tea.

These days, my preferred brew is Yorkshire Gold. Because I am caffeine-sensitive, I steep a teabag for no more than a minute and drink with heavy cream. Not bitter at all!

You can get it on Amazon.

(John B) #28

My wife and I do similar with Seltzer as we found a lot of Club Soda’s have extra carbs for some reason. Nice refreshing treat!

(Tovan Nhsh) #29

My go to teas are peppermint & dandelion root. Peppermint tastes like, well…peppermint. The dandelion root has an earthy, almost buttery taste to it. Both are made of only the respective plants & are reasonably cheap. Not sure about caffeine content though.


No carbs in club soda here. It’s just carbonated water. Some have a small amount of sodium which I prefer. Of course you can also use soda stream to carbonate tap or spring water.

(Steve) #31

I’m guessing that the people that author this site are a wee bit biased, but there’s still some good information here:


(Troy) #32

Great info
I am not really a tea drinker at all
Wanna try now🤔

However, I’m definitely going on a beer pub…I mean tea shop crawl😄
Time to plan this one out

(Cheryl Meyers) #33

And for the original bulletproof recipe, why not try Tibetan butter tea? Use heavy full-fat cream instead of half and half to cut carbs. https://www.yowangdu.com/tibetan-food/butter-tea.html

(Jay Patten) #34

I know, right!?

(Jack Brien) #35

Green tea, but not from a teabag. Yuck. Loose green tea is the way to go (doesn’t need to be strained like black tea and you can just top up your mug for a more mellow second and third cup. Also cold brewing massively ups the volatile health giving aspects of it

(Jay Patten) #36

Well, I picked up some Green Leaf unsweetened green tea yesterday and I must say that it is much less bitter than the black tea. It’s going to take some getting used to, but I can tolerate it.

I definitely plan on experimenting with some of these other flavors and I will also try the cold-brewing method for sure. Thanks everyone for all of your help!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #37

If you want to ease into the tea world, try some mint green tea. Not bitter at all and adds just a touch of flavor. I have a cup at my desk and sip for hours. The nice thing about mint tea is that it taste good warm or cold, so no need to run to the microwave to reheat all the time. I simply enjoy it as it cools.

(Jay Patten) #38

Is there a limit to how much unsweetened tea I should be drinking?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #39

I wouldn’t think so. If you think about it, Tea is simply water that picks up the flavor of the tea leaf as it’s brewed. You just have to watch the additives. But ones like mint or cloves in chai tea are pretty in onnoculous. Most of the ones that will cause you problems will be in sweetened tea.
Stay away from the cold flavored teas you find prebottled. But most stuff you brew yourself will be fine.

(John B) #40

Must be the brands I keep looking at.