Taste buds and Keto

(Nina S. ) #1

Day 8 into keto and my ketone levels are at 8.0 but I noticed certain if not a lot of things no longer taste the same to me. Does being in ketosis change your taste buds?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Frank) #2

I think this has changed a whole lot more than just my taste buds. Sense of smell, reaction to alcohol, concentration, etc, etc… Sometimes I feel like a superhero.

(Frank) #3

Try this when you’re able to EF. Go 48 hours and then eat something you know is good from past experience. Not ok good, but damn good. It almost put me on the floor with a foodgasm. For me just that sensation makes EF and IF all the easier.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

No, I think it has more to do with eating healthy full flavoured food that doesn’t have preservatives and other crap in it.
I never thought I would see the day where I would choose brocolli pan fried smothered in butter and garlic over a big mac any day. It tastes sooooo good.


I did a mindful eating exercise a while ago.

A group of us were given about three raisins and we were directed to think only of those raisins, to be mindful. And then the group leader told us to follow a series of actions: it took a long time - maybe 15 minutes. Essentially we had to look, feel, smell, listen to!!, and eventually put one on our mouths. And after a while, move the raisin, after another while chew it slowly, and eventually swallow.

I hadn’t had any supper, it was an evening class, and so I had a small cheap box of chips*** and donner kebab. Because it was a cheap takeaway shop the chips*** were processed potato that had been extruded.

Those chips*** were amazing, the corners were so sharp, the steam from inside was so hot but I could feel it rising in my mouth, the potato was nobbly. The salt was so flavoursome. But I was super aware of the poor dead sheep when I ate the donner!

***I think chips are frys in the USA.


Hey @Nina3 - welcome to the journey!

Here’s a crazy idea that I’ve been reading about – the bacteria in our gut is involved in signaling hunger. Different bacteria thrive on different nutrients and trigger cravings accordingly. When you cut carbs, the population of carb-loving bacteria diminishes along with their cries for food. At the same time, different bacteria with different tastes thrive, and you as the host find your palette changing in response.

I realize this is a nutty idea, and a better explanation may be that our hormonal changes (primarily lower insulin) account for our changing taste buds. But I’m having the same experience in that my tastes have changed.

(Doug) #7

Good point, Frank. To an extent it sounds like the return of “real hunger,” though even there I think there are degrees.

(Frank) #8


(Diane) #11

I also love steamed broccoli with browned butter. So. Unbelievably. Good.

(Nina S. ) #12

@Daves_Not_Here ironically enough it doesn’t seem like a nutty idea to me and actually made sense! Thanks!

(Nina S. ) #13

@alexelcu I did notice certain things are WAY sweeter than I remember them ever tasting like! I stay away from most fruits and NEVER liked strawberries because they tasted bitter to me… I LOVEEE strawberries now and they taste SUPER sweet so I only eat 1 or 2 from time to time… :smile:


Only with regard to a few things. Biggest example is macadamia nuts. I used to HATE them. Now all of a sudden on keto I love them. I’m not sure why I hated them before…I think they tasted too fatty or something?!


Same here. Was never a fan of them, but they seem quite fine now. … And things like this will keep getting sweeter tasting, the more you stay away from sugar. :slight_smile:

(Diane) #16

I used to think blackberries were sour and maybe just a bit bitter. Now they are extraordinarily good! My favorite berry by far.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #17

A lot of people report an unpleasant taste in the mouth (been described as like sucking pennies) when they first go keto so I imagine that would change your experience of flavours. Longer term though you tend to just lose the taste for things. I have the odd piece of toast but not for the flavour so much as the texture. I still bake bread for others but I just know that the taste won’t live up to the smell & I have no desire to eat it. I never did like fruit (I ate it because it’s sooooo good for you :roll_eyes: ) but can’t even fathom eating it now.

(Kellie) #18

Yes yes and yes. Foods I liked before I don’t like and vise versa. I remember dark chocolate used to make me gag and not I can’t stop eating it. Also I like my coffee more on the bitter side where as before I loved everything sweet

(Diana ) #19

I’ve been on Keto about two months, and I find things just don’t taste as strong. I feel the need to add more salt, more pepper, more salsa or more stevia. I make my coffee stronger than I did before. The small amount of fruit I have eaten does taste different, but less flavorful. Well, I’m speaking about a peach, so it may have just been a dud.
But by golly, a ground beef patty with sautéed onions and cheese sure tastes fine! (with copious sea salt and Worcestershire sauce)

(Heather ) #20

Me too. I swear butter has no flavor anymore. My taste buds are gone. I’ve now bought lard and tallow and they don’t have flavor either. I also struggle with salt, very easily things can taste way to salty to me so maybe I just need the right balance. Heavy whipping cream too has lost it’s appeal unless I put a bunch of swerve and vanilla extract in it when I make whipped cream. I made a garlic buttery stir fry with chicken thighs, red pepper and added some lard and spices—barely tasted as amazing as it would have before. I do think it comes in phases, sometimes things taste really good but it’s pretty rare lately

(Jill Carpenter) #21

Know you posted this a year ago but had to judge my judgement over buying macadamia nuts today. :rofl:

Didn’t get them as I couldn’t trust myself at $10 a jar. But have always liked them.

(Susan) #22

I find the Keto foods all taste amazing to me. I think this is due to to IF and Fasting. It makes me look forward to my meals.

I really enjoy food naturally without spices is all, I have never been big into spices, but like the taste of the food itself, cooked in organic, extra virgin olive oil.