(ianrobo) #1

For myself the easiest way to motivate myself is to set a target. I have a main one for 2017 to knock 2 hours off the Marmotte time I did in June, that is why I went Keto.

so if just starting exercise, forget your weight, set yourself a target

  • walk a mile in 15 mins
  • slight jogging for a mile
  • gentle 10 mile bike ride
  • 1 plank of 15 second
  • lifting 20kgs

Whatever floats your boat, aim gentle then once reached, add a bit more length/time/weight etc onto the target. Make them realistic, make them achievable, The sense of hitting targets is far greater motivation than anything else.

(Tom Seest) #2

My first goal was too be able to walk to our mail box and back. That’s only 0.10 miles, but I had to start somewhere. Like Zig Ziglar, I just started adding mail boxes.

(Jennie) #3

Tom, you’re hilarious. I am uncultured swine. Please explain the reference so we can all laugh heartily with you! :smile: Though, the general idea is hilarious enough! (I’m just imagining you wandering through the neighborhood taking everyone their mail!)

(Tom Seest) #4

Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker from Yazoo, Mississippi. As I a child, I listened to him describe how he began exercising and jogging to lose weight, and his message stuck with me. His son blogged about the experience here:

When I got to my heaviest, I had trouble walking as I was above 600 pounds. I had to ask my kids to take my socks and shoes off when I got home from work at the end of the day. So, when I decided to make changes in my life, I remembered my days of listening to Zig ZIglar on cassette talking about that experience, and I decided to start by walking to the Mailbox. It was difficult at first, but it got easier. Then, I just started walking to the next mailbox before returning home. I just kept adding mailboxes.

I blogged about my experiences with that here:

(ianrobo) #5

yep Tom thats what I mean, whether you are 600 or 200 pounds the first targets should be small but achievable ones. Look at you now and targets no doubt getting big and bolder …

Too many fail at exercise but the targets they set are unrealistic for what they can do physically, mentality and yes cash wise.


Goals are so helpful! Start small and increase, I love when a goal is met!! It’s powerful stuff!

(ianrobo) #7

It is better than Sex when you achieve a goal !!

The high is natural, the buzz is there and then you recalibrate the next stage.

(Glenn Graham) #8


Thank for sharing there are several books I have recently read about how to exercise and develop talents. One I enjoyed was Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericson. His main point in the book is when you practice something you need to push a little more each time. I love how it reflects your recommendation (and Zig Ziglar).