Tap dancing around my gout


I have gout. I am on allopurinol and am trying to really figure the best way to get the daily fat content necessary without having an attack. Many high fat, especially sat fat and sodium rich foods are gout triggers. I have found things that are keto friendly and gout tolerable mostly by trial and error. In looking for advice I was wondering those of you who also suffer from gout and have done keto what is your list of gout friendly foods with the fat content needed for keto?


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You could just reduce the fat content. I eat a lower fat keto diet. I rarely add fat to any meal, though do so at times (had chicken skewers last night with ranch dressing made from sour cream, avocado mayo, and ranch herbs). But I typically eat lunches that are much lower in fat, higher in protein. Dinners are all over the map, but most are leaner. “Snacks”, meaning something I eat after dinner if I’m still hungry, are lean. Ham and not pepperoni. Goat’s milk yogurt, but can eat 0% fat Greek yogurt.

There’s no rule that you have to eat high fat or meet some “macro” just to meet a number on a page.


-----from the internet:
It is high levels of insulin that happen due to chronic inappropriate inflammation in your joints, that is what causes Gout . Insulin is high inflammation that happens because of eating a high carbohydrate diet full of grains and full of vegetable oils. That’s what causes gout.

I say one thing, go do tons of research on why your fat intake IS NOT the reason and there is tons of real facts to back up the blurb I just posted to you.

you need a ton more research. your fat intake is not the problem, your other food is ALL the issue on inflammation and your personal body and what it takes for time on any low carb intake menu to ‘heal your body’ and get to better health…so…your personal body and healing and getting past into healthy regarding this issue really is a very personal timeline on it.

you truly need to find your own facts and real truths behind this.
your fat intake will not be and ever be ‘the issue’ that is SO over the world on what stupid info is out there on gout and what it is all about.

go do homework…believe me you will be amazed when ya do.

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Dr. Annette Bosworth has some good podcasts on gout and kidney and gall stones. Her take is that it’s best to stay on a ketogenic diet and get through the intermediate period. The inflammation will reduce and the crystals will be dissolved eventually, as long as we keep refraining from eating carbohydrate. It’s just there’s an uncomfortable period to get through before things improve.

Certainly, eating fat does not cause gout. Bear in mind that so long as refined sugar and white flour were difficult and expensive to make, gout was considered a rich man’s disease. But once industrial refining methods brought the price down and expanded the supply, gout became an equal-opportunity disease.



Ohhh and edited to say in general it is shocking that ‘fat’ is STILL the main info out there by Drs and every other loudmouth making claims about gout…kinda like isn’t the real truth to ‘ever’ be heard out there?
just a big sigh on it all truly!

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Hi Henri. Gout here too, 22 years and Allopurinol. I remember the earliest symptoms of gout long before it was diagnosed, a little “tick” feeling in one big toe, back in 1986. Some stuff building up in that joint way back then.

Fat and salt don’t make any difference for me. We’re all individuals, of course. For me it’s alcohol plus meat and shellfish - the things that have higher purine content, and it’s purines from which the body makes uric acid, which causes the joint problems in the first place.

There have been times when totally fasting where I’ve had that, “uh-oh, here comes a gout attack,” feeling, even though there is no reasonable expectation that my uric acid levels would be higher then. Even weigh loss itself, alone, can sometimes cause gout attacks. It’s a complicated chemical dance that goes on inside the body and things are hard to fathom at times.

I’ve seen recommendations to limit fat when one has gout, but this never made sense to me - there’s never a mechanistic explanation of how higher fat is bad. I default to the ‘avoid organ meats, wild game, mussels, scallops, sardines, etc.’ Cut back on beef in favor of pork and chicken.

And you never know… There have been times when I’ve hammered booze and huge steaks, and never a twinge in a joint…


Apparently fasting and weight loss result in temporary uric acid elevation (according to the new Dr Perlmutter book “Drop Acid”) but personally, it’s worth it. I am currently on an intensive weight loss track (higher protein low carb) and have suffered one attack - stopped it with colchicine, and then started taking a quercetin supplement. I’ve never tried allopurinol even though it was on offer. In the past I have had a few gout attacks, a couple when I was trialling the carnivore diet. There is probably something about the purines theory, even though our bodies actually produce purines (they’re not just due to eating sardines, liver and beef). However, the biggest culprit for raising uric acid levels in the body is definitely fructose (not so much from fruit, but from table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup) so we’re doing something right!


I was diagnosed with gout in 2005. I actually put it down to a work injury, before it flared up a second time.
I was put on daily 300mg Allopurinol, and have been doing so ever since.
I haven’t had a bout of gout since, despite this being a genetic trait in my family.
I haven’t changed my diet (until last year- moving onto keto), and I haven’t changed drinking habits…and i can drink like a fish to water.
Everybody will be different, and i really sympathise with you because it is friigin’ sore…but the extra fat and protein never effected me, only for the better.
BTW, have you had your gall bladder removed at all? Sorry, that’s a bit personal, but it may change the way your body can manage lipids/fat digestion.

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Lots good stuff in here @Larissima

I had a gout attack back about 2016, so only about a year into full keto. Doc gave me colchicine and allopurinol. Symptoms went away in a few weeks (six years ago, so if I recall correctly) and I’ve stayed on the allopurinol. Once I asked my doc if we need to stay on allopurinol forever. He said probably not, but most people put up with it to drop the odds of ever having to feel that pain again. IIRC again, my uric acid levels never measured to be high at the lab I use, but they’re lower now.

A lot of keto experts will point out that it’s more often fructose than our purine metabolism, but if you’re really sure it’s tracking your fat intake, you can reduce fat like BobM (@ctviggen) suggests. If you’re still hungry without the higher fat intake, substitute more protein.


Me personally, having had gout (flipping agony!), I would stay on the Allopurinol…providind it has no side affects for you.
If it does- you need to speak with what we call a General Practioner in the UK…which is primary care.
They’ll send you for tests. Don’t worry- this condition is treatable in various ways, so have hope.

Having said that, I think, for some who have had gout attacks in the past, there is certainly a personal honed nutritional diet for some.

I got lucky.
I think the allopurinal has worked for me (it takes a while btw).
I don’t know, at the risk of insulting any female on here (because I don’t mean to), but I’m telling everyone…and take this the way it’s meant, because any gender can get an attack of gout.
And I quote from a friend, fellow gout sufferer:
‘Perhaps hyperbole, but I’ve heard the pain is worse than child birth.’

I’ve no way of Knowing that…I’m male, I don’t give birth.
And I also respect the pain of child birth.
But I know that the pain of gout can last for weeks and even more over that length of time.

I remember (everything and ) anything, even over or under pressure, your joints were on agony.
Even a bed sheet. For days on end.

Yeah, not good.

Just want to qualify myself here- I’m glad to be born and I love my mum and sisters!
I don’t want to start a ‘pain war’, and I love my mum and sisters for looking after me when i was in pain, when I had nobody :slight_smile:

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I think the intense pain of gout is pretty universal… whereas the pain from childbirth varies a lot between women and if the baby is positioned properly. I birthed 2 sons with no pain meds or epidural and I’ve had way worse pain from recovering from surgery than that. I have wide hip bones and probably could have popped out 10 kids like my great-grandmother, but glad I stopped at two!

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Benjamin Franklin suffered from gout. He is supposed to have said to John Hancock, “I wish King George could feel like my big toe—all over!”

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Janie, it’s rare that I hear from a mother with similar labor experience. I actually loved being in labor and giving birth, also w/o pain meds or epidural.

Not to criticize those who use them and had different experiences. Having a healthy baby is all that matters.

But I do love hearing from moms like you.


Well thank you, all of you, especially for the original poster.

We all suffer some detriments to our health.

And sometimes, you think it’s untreatable, either by nutrition, lifestyle, drugs…well everything is possible
30 kgs my friends.
4 Stone.
56 Pounds.

It’s possible.